What is the Cost of Senior Care at Home?

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June 21, 2020

In-Home Senior Care Cost

As our family members age and reach the point of needing assistance with daily activities, many wish to remain independent in their homes or stay with family. They may feel more comfortable around loved ones or feel happier in familiar surroundings. You may be struggling to decide between staying home to care for them. Or making other living arrangements with an assisted living facility. Fortunately, for those struggling with the decision, there is another option.

Family members can stay with loved ones while receiving personalized assistance from 1 Plus 1 Cares. Our care advocates are dedicated to making life easier for you and your loved ones. The referred caregivers provide non-medical services such as shopping, cleaning, and hygiene help. If you are concerned about the cost of in-home care for elderly family members, then 1 Plus 1 Cares may be just the thing you’ve been searching for.

Cost of In-Home Care for Elderly Family Members

The specific cost of senior care will vary depending on where you live, the number of hours needed per day or week, and the services provided. A full-time live-in facility will need to account for staffing, meals, and other supplies or items needed to care for its residents. This can mean more money out of your pocket than you might be willing to spend with other options.

In-home care provided by a loved one will also incur expenses, as well as subtract income, since the primary caregiver will be working less or not at all. You will also need to sacrifice a lot of your personal time arranging and attending doctor visits, hair appointments, grocery shopping, and other tasks.

With a service like 1 Plus 1 Cares, many of those tasks can be completed by a caregiver for you, leaving more time to simply enjoy the company of your loved ones. When you arrange for in-home care with one of the caregivers referred by 1 Plus 1 Cares, the cost of senior care is typically around $24.75 per hour. By comparison, many of our competitors charge $32 per hour for senior care services. Although these exact numbers will vary, our goal is to provide you with 30% more quality care or save 30%.

What Services Are Available?

Caregivers can assist you with a variety of non-medical activities. For example, light housework, transportation, bathing, dressing, cooking and/or feeding, and even companionship. You can also request the addition of specific concierge activities like the ones listed below. As well as choose whether you need 24-hour care, hourly, weekends, etc.

  • Home Cleaning
  • Grocery Shopping
  • In-Home Beauty Appointments (ex., haircuts, manicures, and pedicures)
  • Pet Grooming
  • Meal Deliveries
  • Outings & Special Events (ex., museums, concerts, movies)

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Learn more about how 1 Plus 1 Cares can help you lower the cost of senior care and provide in-home services for your family. Contact us for more information or to get your in-home care started today!

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