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For you, your aging loved one, and your qualified caregiver, 1+1 Cares is a beacon to navigate the complex landscape of elderly home care and other in-home care and day services. Our vetting process is a critical component of our service, to empower you to find a qualified and compassionate caregiver. Don’t just take it from us! Many families have shared their experiences with 1+1 Cares on Yelp and Google Reviews.

Contact us today if you seek a daily routine that is customizable to your needs and budget. By empowering you to make the right decisions for your family, 1+1 Cares makes in-home care affordable and accessible. 1+1 Cares about you.

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"I am writing this because of the caring, wonderful experience we have, as a family, with 1 Plus 1 Cares. In March I needed care for my brother who had had a stroke and needed assistance in his home. I called 3 different agencies that the Rehab and Care Facility had referred me to and left messages at 2 of them. 1 Plus 1 Cares answered the phone immediately and clearly I was able to communicate with them and fulfill the needs of my brother. They were extremely helpful and you knew they had experience with families dealing with family health issues. At first my brother needed daily care for 4 hours a day 7 days a week.I had no experience with this type of family situation. This happened during Covid 19 in March 2020 and I was really worried that this might interfere with my brother getting the proper caretaker for him. 1 Plus 1 Cares provides you with a specialist or advocate that you can get in touch with if you have any questions or concerns.When you call they answer the phone immediately with wonderful verbal communication. They matched my brother up with the perfect caretaker for him. I live just down the street from my brother's house, so I can pop in at any time if I want to talk with his caretaker. He will also text me if he thinks my brother needs anything. He has become part of the family."

Nancy Rosas

"We have had two caregivers to date. Both have been very professional and caring. Every client has a contact so that if there is a problem or need, you have a person who is assigned to your case and is easy to reach. We have used two other services in the last 3 years, and this is the best both for cost and caliber of caregiver . Would recommend them"

Eileen Parks

"I highly recommend 1+1 Cares. I was very impressed with the communication and the quality of care the caregiver provided for my dad."

Sue Culbertson

"1+1 Cares has literally benefited my life in the most positive way I could ever ask for. Trisha Carey, Care Advisor, is extremely professional, personable, a great listener, and has support me in anything that I need. Mona Burgos, Care Advocate, has saved my life, and continues to support me daily, with her kindness, authenticity, professionalism, positive, supportive nature, and has "taken me in" as if I were a loved one, friend or family member. The caregivers have been truly professional, loving, and caring, and have supported my mom during the COVID-19 time, when I cannot be there to love and care for her. They are serving as "angels" in my moms life, with patience, calmness, caring for and soothing her through her difficulties and most stressful times in her life. 1+1 Cares is more than the caregiving agency, the staff and the caregivers are more than providing care, they are providing loving kindness and positive support for people who really need them, and are making a huge positive difference in the world. I'm so grateful every day, for all the wonderful people at 1 + 1 Cares!"


"1 Plus 1 was the third place I tried when I was looking for care-givers at home for my very sick husband. And 1 Plus 1 was by far the best of the three: the most effective, the most professional and the most compassionate. I could rely on 1 Plus 1 the way we rely on good friends."

Minna S.

"Our care coordinator is always helpful, polite, caring and tries her best."

M Kung

"We have found a wonderful care-giver for my mom who suffered a stroke. She is caring, cheerful and loves our mom. The communication with 1+1 has been great regarding our case manager and the billing department. We would recommend this agency."

Susan and Sally

"I cannot recommend this agency more highly. I just do not know what I would have done without them. The skilled nursing facility my mother was being sent to from the hospital (during this COVID period, mind you) would not accept her without 24-hour sitters to keep her safe from falling. I was in a panic. Where to get someone and get someone immediately? Thankfully the hospital social worker referred me to 1 Plus 1 Cares. One quick call was all I had to make, and along with some minor electronic paperwork, a caregiver was waiting at the front door JUST AS MY MOTHER ARRIVED on the gurney. Truly awesome!!

Lyz, my care advocate, was wonderful. Her communications skills were excellent. She, or another representative from the company, was always available when I needed them. Each one made me feel as if they were GLAD I was their client. That is saying a lot during this day and age of dismal customer service.

Throughout my Mother's stay at the facility, if one individual did not work out, they found another one that did. If one sitter needed time off, they arranged for another sitter to cover. They did the vetting, scheduling, financials, so that all I needed to do was focus on Mom. They created a caregiving team, and what a team it was.

These professionals had many decades of experience between them, and each caregiver brought to the job a special touch. Tupou recommended supplies the facility did not provide that she knew would bring Mom comfort. Almaz understood how neat and clean my Mother liked to be. Kelly spent many long nights keeping a watchful eye on her. PingPing, a nursing student, was so eager and enthusiastic.
Sophie liked to tease my Mom as much as my Mom liked to tease others. They sent me pictures of Mom eating her favorite ice cream I brought for them to give her! They FaceTimed me with Mom. They let me know when it was a good time to come to her window and visit with her. I couldn't have asked for more.

Thank you 1 Plus 1 Cares -- and your wonderful caregivers."

Cynthia S.

"My dear old dad of 94 years had been completely independent until a small stroke altered his ability to care for himself.
Budget was a concern for us plus his need for privacy and desire to continue to stay in his own home on his own.
1 Plus 1 Senior Care was able to provide us with home care givers who were warm, competent and dependable.
When my father's needs changed suddenly I could just call or email 1 Plus 1 with a new series of dates and times and they would adjust and do whatever it took to get a competent caregiver to match the new needs.
It was a great relief for me because I work full time and live on the other side of the Bay from my father.
When my father became a hospice patient his needs and hours increased and 1 Plus 1 stayed with us all the way to his final days.
I am happy in knowing that we served him well. We could not have done it without 1 Plus 1 Senior Care, and, it would not have been as affordable.
I am grateful and wish the administrators and caregivers of 1 Plus 1 Senior Care continued success."

Catherine P

"We have had numerous caregivers in our home and 1 plus 1 sent us the best one we have had thus far. They really do their best to match the caregiver to your needs."

Kathy T.

"1 Plus 1 Senior Care came highly recommended. I really appreciate their services and communication. Sam is a great caregiver and we're so pleased to have him."

Neal M.

"1 Plus 1 Senior Care is as good as it gets. We couldn't have asked for a more timely and responsive Senior Care team to take care of my father while my mother was in the hospital."

Kurtis K.

1+1 Cares by serving as a family’s caregiving concierge.  1+1 Cares is a unique platform that synergizes premium service, qualified caregivers, and affordable rates.  By empowering families to make the right decisions, 1+1 Cares makes in-home care affordable and accessible.  1+1 Cares about you.


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