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At 1+1 Cares,
Quality Caregivers are Critically Important

1+1 Cares is a caregiver referral agency platform that matches families with quality in-home caregivers. Our mission is to make quality care accessible to all. We ensure you get the pay and schedule you desire with a family and aging senior that compliments you. 1+1 Cares is a unique platform that synergizes premium service, qualified caregivers, and affordable rates. We compare a family's needs with your experience and expertise, then let you decide the rest. We work for you.
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Why register with 1+1 Cares?

When you register with 1+1 Cares as a senior caregiver, our team will provide a referral for you to work with the family of your choice. 1 + 1 Cares by offering you the following benefits:
Create your own schedule that fits your needs
Decide which clients you work with
Choose your pay
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Qualify & meet criteria

1+1 Cares by Vetting Quality Caregivers
To provide families and caregivers with the best possible experience, 1+1 Cares will thoroughly vet each caregiver. We qualify families and caregivers to ensure confidence and repeat opportunities for you so you may provide meaningful, rewarding home care.
Each caregiver must meet the following criteria to be registered on the 1+1 Cares platform:
Qualified caregivers with two or more years of experience or one year or more as a CNA/HHA
U.S. work
eligibility check
Work references
Criminal background
Driving insurance
Liability insurance
Driving record check

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Learn more about 1+1 Cares and how, together, we can empower both caregivers and families by building meaningful relationships and quality services. Join other talented and hardworking senior caregivers near you by downloading our 1+1 Cares App.

Or contact us at (888) 321-4711 today!


To register with 1 Plus 1 Cares

1. Install the App
2. Create your profile
3. We will qualify, interview, and process your registration
4. Once fully registered, we work for you to find great clients
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