Are the Caregivers background checked?

Yes. Safety for our clients is a top priority. The registration department screens each referral by conducting a thorough criminal, social security and county background check. They also conduct a driving record check. 1+1 Cares requires a minimum of 2 years of experience with excellent references.

Do caregivers have liability insurance?

Yes. 1+1 Cares protects all the clients by requiring all referred caregivers to have liability insurance. The policy covers 1 million per incident and 6 million in aggregate in a given year. 

What happens when a referred caregiver is sick and contacts me?

  1. Basic: You must log into your account and look for another matching caregiver.
  2. Premium and Elite: Please call our office, and your care advocate will work on matching a replacement caregiver. If the caregiver notified 1+1 Cares, we would already have notified you and worked on a solution per your direction. Some families want/need a replacement while some do not want to have a new caregiver.

Does having a Care Advocate cost more?

  1. Basic: Yes, you will need to switch to premium.
  2. Premium: No, it's included. 1+1 Cares assigns a personal Care Advocate when you decide on the Premium service.
  3. Elite: No, it's included.  In addition to Premium, you get an Advocate Manager to review your case bi-weekly.

Do I have to pay additional for the Concierge service?

  1. Basic and Premium: Yes, 10% of ordered services and products.
  2. Elite: No, it's included. The coordination of the services is included up to 5 per month. Your dedicated Advocate will help coordinate all of the concierge services for you.

Are the rates fixed?

No. Rates are always negotiable between the client and the referral.

Are the referred caregivers your employees?

No, the referred caregivers are not employees of 1+1 Cares.

Is a caregiver my employee?

We do not control caregivers or families. 1+1 Cares is not the employer of the caregiver we refer. Depending on your arrangements with the caregiver, you may have employer responsibilities.

Does Medical insurance cover caregiving services?

No. Caregiving, often called custodial, personal care, or companionship, phone case ukclick over here noware considered non-medical. Medical insurances generally do not cover non-medical caregiving services.

May I cancel the service at any time?

Yes. It’s always your choice. To be fair to caregivers, if the cancellation is less than 24 hours prior to the start of a shift there is a fee (4hrs or 50% of the shift).
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