Live-In Care Specialist

Empowering Seniors To Age In Place.

Why 1+1 Cares?


 Typical rates are 30% lower than other agencies  

Less Is More

Typically 2 caregivers to cover 7 days a week vs a minimum of 6 with other agencies. 


Minimize COVID exposure with fewer caregivers to interact with 


Fewer caregivers build trust, strong bonds, and consistency with clients.

Right Match

Substantial selection of qualified caregivers give clients personalized care & compatibility  


Empowers clients can remove, replace, and make caregivers changes 


Fewer caregivers empower clients to manage, schedule, interact, and communicate with caregivers. 

Age In Place

Enables clients to stay in the comfort of their home longer, while keeping their sense of independence.
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Who will benefit from 24-hour care?

Physical limitations repositioning or transferring out of bed
Urinary Tract Infections/Incontinence Issues
Frequent falls and hospitalizations
Respite care to relieve spousal caregiver
Decreased mobility due to a chronic condition
Dementia, memory impairment, increased confusion, and wandering
Increased anxiety & depression caring for self
Companionship and socialization
Assistance for personal care, meals, and activities of daily living
Transportation for consistent doctor visits
Transitioning from rehabilitation or a hospital visit
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