Since 2007, 1+1 Cares about making meaningful impacts on families and their loved ones. Our s​ocial impact mission​ of making quality care accessible guides us when we qualify caregivers, match families with the right caregivers and handle the coordination.

We use a combination of high-touch and hard work to serve families and caregivers, all while being affordable and accessible. It’s not about the number of’s about really helping and empowering families and caregivers.

1+1​ ​Cares​ does this by offering
  • Dedicated Care Advocates who coordinate with and advise families throughout the entire process
  • Concierge services - à la carte extras to create special events and memories
How did we start?

We started like many other people who decide to embark on a new, life-altering endeavor. Each of us experienced close family members go through severe health difficulties. These events had powerful, lasting impacts, and opened our eyes to what we wanted to do and how we wanted to help. We made the decision to leave our corporate positions in order to give peace of mind to families and their loved ones.

While our previous work experiences paid the bills, we now have the emotional satisfaction and life’s work of delivering real, tangible help to families. We are grateful that we can assist families through these difficult challenges.

We’re big believers in the power of teamwork. Uniting our team with your family adds up to everyone having better, fuller, and more meaningful lives.