Elderly Care Social Impact

1+1 Cares about making meaningful impacts on families and their loved ones. Our expertise and hard work all go towards making a positive social impact on qualifying caregivers and making quality care
accessible to families.
  • Families have peace of mind

Access to pre-qualified caregivers
Self-empowered to decisions
Affordability to get more of their needed care

  • Caregivers are happy

Self-empowered to help the families they want
Satisfied by choosing their own rates

  • Families and caregivers workers find matches easier and
  • Family members can have more of their life back…
  • Lower medical admissions and costs
1+1 Cares Headquarters
3031 Tisch Way, STE 110PW
San Jose, CA 95128
Available 24/7
(888) 321-4711
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