Tech for Aging Adults That Help Seniors Live Happier

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May 10, 2022

As your loved one ages, they are faced with many life-changing decisions regarding the fact that they can’t do the things they’re used to anymore. Aging can not only affect their physical health but their mental health as well. You can help your loved one maintain happiness levels by seeking a solution such as technology. These are six tech companies that better the quality of life for seniors.

Tech for Aging Adults:

1. Intuition Robotics

Loneliness is a common problem seniors experience due to social isolation. Intuition Robotics
created ElliQ, a robot that is a “sidekick for healthier aging.” This proactive cognitive artificial intelligence product helps the elderly avoid feeling lonely as well as promotes healthier behaviors.

ElliQ initiates conversations to help seniors stay connected with their loved ones, maintain healthy habits, and keep in contact with the outside world.

2. Embodied Devices

Carrie Shaw wanted to better understand her mother’s experiences with Alzheimer’s so it could improve the care she provided her. So, Shaw launched Embodied labs in 2016 and two years later rolled out a program with virtual reality headsets.

The headsets allow caregivers to experience simulations where they take on the persona of an aging person and the different conditions they face such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. According to Shaw, the headsets provide real insight for caregivers to better understand their loved one’s condition which enables empathy and can in turn improve the care they provide.

3. Toi Labs

Toi Labs created a toilet seat called the True Loo that allows you to monitor your loved one’s health. True Loo has sensors that determine who the user is and can point out potential health problems such as dehydration, urinary tract infections, and other diseases from its scanning of their excreta. You can avoid the uncomfortable conversation at the dinner table while still helping them maintain their health.

4. Ageless Innovation

The toy company Hasbro released its brand Joy for All, a line of robotic pets that offer companionship and promote happiness for the older market. The robotic cats and dogs have sensors that create interactions as one would have with a live pet. For example, the cat reacts to touch, rolls over, and has 32 different purring sounds. Your loved one can experience the joy and relaxation they would receive with a live pet without having to take care of it.

5. Neuro Rehab VR

Neuro Rehab VR created a virtual reality experience for seniors going through therapy after a stroke, spinal cord injury, brain injury, or who suffer from neurodegenerative diseases. This piece of technology is special for its targeted practices. Neuro Rehab VR customizes each exercise to the patient’s needs and abilities, as well as records their metrics and scores to look at progress. It’s as if the therapy is in person!


VitalTech launched VitalBand, an emergency voice call-out and fall-detection watch that tracks falls more subtly and monitors an aging adult’s health. The Vital Band is a great way for your loved one to maintain their health as it tracks their heart and respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, physical activity, and sleep quality. It even provides medication reminders!

These varieties of technology devices can add the convenience, entertainment, and protection needed for seniors to better their lives as they age.

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