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10 Modern Helpful Gadgets and Devices for Aging Adults

Your 1+1 Team
May 6, 2022

While seniors may have not grown up with technology, it can be incredibly useful to their aging experience. If your loved one wants to continue to live alone but you’re worried for their safety, consider incorporating devices for aging adults and various gadgets in their home.

Here are 10 helpful devices for aging adults:

1. Ring

Ring is one smart security device that allows you to check who is at the door anywhere at any time. The Ring doorbell camera connects to your smartphone as well as features 2-way talk, motion detection, and more.

2. ElliQ

ElliQ can be a senior’s sidekick for happier aging. ElliQ is an artificial intelligence device that offers companionship for the elderly and encourages healthy habits. Caregivers and family members can use ElliQ to communicate with the device’s owner. They can respond to messages and photos via video screen. ElliQ also initiates conversations to promote physical activity.

3. IRobot Roomba 694

It can be difficult for older adults to maintain the house when they have weakened mobility. The IRobot Roomba 694 is a robotic vacuum that helps your loved one avoid doing a chore that requires them to walk around the house.

4. Tile Stickers

As you age, your memory can weaken and you may start to misplace items. The Tile Sticker prevents aging adults from losing their everyday items. You can stick a Tile Sticker on your loved one’s wallet, keys, remote, etc. The sticker connects to the company’s app, so you can track the misplaced item on your phone if it’s within 400 feet.

5. GPS Smart Sole

This gadget is a GPS shoe insole that allows you to keep track of your loved one. This discrete tracker gives an extra layer of protection for those who may experience memory issues and tend to wander.

6. Tinylogics Memo Box

The Tinylogics Memo Box is there to help seniors keep track of their prescribed medications. It provides visual reminders on both the device and their smartphone to take their pills.

7. Arf Pets Automatic Dog & Cat Feeder

This device ensures your loved one’s pet eats the right amount of food at the right time. It is an automatic feeder that adjusts to the schedule of your choosing and prevents overfeeding. It features a “mealtime message” that allows you to record your voice and it plays to attract your pet when it’s time to eat. The Arf Pets Automatic Dog & Cat Feeder can be a great assistance for aging adults with memory problems.

Some seniors may prefer to be old-fashioned and stay away from technology, but imagine how convenient it would be for your loved one to not have to get up to vacuum or answer the door! Technology can be incredibly beneficial to an older adult’s aging experience.

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