How To Convince Your Elderly Loved One To Wear Diapers

Your 1+1 Team
October 18, 2022

Unfortunately, incontinence is a common occurrence with aging. However, it’s not all bad, there are ways to cope with incontinence. Your loved one just needs to be open to the idea of wearing incontinence products. However, talking about wearing “adult diapers” so they can avoid the leakage of their “feces” is usually not the easiest conversation to have. You can make them feel more comfortable about their situation by choosing your words carefully.

Be there for your loved one by showing them how beneficial adult diapers can be to their overall health and well-being.

1. First and foremost, change your vocabulary

No adult likes to hear that they need to wear “diapers.” Your loved one may already feel uncomfortable talking about their incontinence problems, so choose your words wisely when discussing what next steps to take. Instead of the word “diapers,” try calling incontinence products “adult briefs,” “disposable underwear,” or any other term you come up with.

2. Talk to your loved one’s physician

Your loved one may have a better chance of being convinced when hearing it from a health professional. Their doctor will have all the medical/health information to address their situation and make them feel more comfortable. They can also tell your loved one about potential health issues if they avoid wearing incontinence products.

3. Gently notify them of the odor

Your loved one most likely does not want to smell bad or appear unclean. Without being mean, let them know that, due to their incontinence, they tend to smell like urine. Again, be careful with your approach to this conversation because it is an extremely sensitive topic and nothing can be accomplished by hurting their feelings. On that note, they may be convinced once they are aware that incontinence products can prevent them from smelling bad.

4. Have some samples

Make sure to have samples with you when discussing incontinence products with your loved one. Samples can debunk the doubts your loved one may have previously had about incontinence products. For example, seeing how thin adult pull-ups are in person can make your loved one feel more comfortable wearing them.

It may be difficult for your loved one to discuss the idea of wearing “adult diapers.” However, they can avoid further health problems and inconveniences once they address their incontinence issues. 1+1 Cares provides more information on incontinence products here.

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