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Tips For Selecting Adult Diapers

Your 1+1 Team
October 4, 2022

If your loved one is facing incontinence problems, one consultation with a doctor can help them decide if the next step is adult diapers. The term “adult diapers” often can scare seniors away from the benefits. Adult diapers are a great way to manage fecal incontinence and stay healthy as you age.

There are a variety of factors to consider when selecting the best adult diaper for your loved one:


Adult Diaper Size:

Adult diapers come in a range of sizes. Picking the wrong size can cause your loved one to feel discomfort and face major urine leakage problems. Measure your loved one’s waist and hip to choose the perfect size.


It is common for aging adults to avoid diapers because they are worried about discomfort. However, there are a variety of diapers made with different materials to meet your loved one’s personal preference. Some diapers have a plastic backing that provides more protection, but many seniors don’t like the feeling of bulky diapers, so they wear non-plastic diapers called breathable diapers. These diapers do not have higher urine leakage resistance, but they allow more air circulation which can help avoid rashes.

Leakage Condition:

Your loved one needs to pay attention to the amount of leakage they experience a day so they can pick the best diaper suited for their condition. Your loved one should also note if any medicine or food is causing a void in the bladder. If they were to go through multiple diapers a day and still face issues with urine leakage, it is highly possible the diaper is the wrong size or not absorbent enough. One of the most essential things to look for in a diaper is whether they are leak-proof.

Adult Diaper Absorbency:

The level of absorbency that your loved one needs in a diaper depends on the amount of leakage they experience. Seniors who suffer from severe urinary incontinence would benefit from diapers with quick liquid absorbency and high retention capacity. However, if your loved one has mild incontinence, medium-absorbent diapers are the more appropriate choice. It is more likely for an individual to release a large amount of urine when sleeping, so overnight diapers are recommended since they are higher absorbent.

Odor Eradication:

Odor eradication is a necessary factor to consider for your loved one to avoid embarrassment and maintain proper hygiene when wearing diapers. While high-quality diapers are more expensive, they are the best bet to manage incontinence and lower the existence of bacteria that causes odor. This also minimizes the risk of bacterial skin infections.

Choosing the right adult diaper will help your loved one manage their fecal incontinence so they can maintain good health and comfort for as long as possible. 1+1 Cares provides more information on caring for a senior with incontinence problems here.

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