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Future of Senior Care: Digital Disruption Can Aide The Rising Trends In The Market

Your 1+1 Team
April 22, 2022

The United States Census predicts seniors will outweigh the number of kids by 2035. With the ever-growing aging population, the demand for care amongst the elderly is predicted to rise. According to Business Insider, the home care market in the United States will increase from $100 billion in 2016 to $224 billion in 2024. The expected growth of demand for senior care can pose issues, such as labor shortage and economic sustainability. However, new, digital healthcare technologies can be the solution to problems that result from these rising trends.

Digital Disruption in Senior Healthcare

Digital disruption sounds like a scary term. However, we can tell you it does not mean robot wars. Digital disruption is the effect of changes in fundamental expectations and behaviors in a market, culture, industry, or process through digital capabilities and assets. To simplify it, technological advances can open doors for individuals and societies because their convenience expands our possibilities. So, digital disruption won’t cause robot wars, it actually will save the day! The incorporation of technological innovations in healthcare can help prevent the issues that arise from it being high in demand.


Technology such as laptops and phones makes communication between healthcare workers and patients more convenient than ever before. Virtual doctor appointments and caretaker check-ins can make room for the growing demand for care since schedules are more flexible when meeting online. A physician can talk to a patient from wherever, whenever at their easiest convenience. There are also features on laptops, phones, and other emergency response devices designed for senior use, such as large buttons and displays to make communication easier.

Monitoring devices:

Wearable devices with sensors can allow physicians and caretakers to monitor elderly patients in their homes without having to lose time and resources.

Smart Homes:

Whether older adults choose to live in an assisted living facility or age in place, smart homes can help the aging population. Using voice assistants such as Amazon Echo and Google home gives seniors the assistance to remember their schedules and important tasks, such as taking medications. Smart Homes support the labor shortage that could result from the rising market of care because technology is providing that extra assistance to seniors that they would have needed from a caretaker.

Artificial intelligence:

Okay so maybe digital disruption may involve robots, but it’s all for good! Artificial intelligence will soon be able to read patterns in the behavior of seniors and prevent emergencies before they even occur.

As the older population continues to grow so will the market for senior care. The AARP states chronic illness in the growing aging population will cause the number of seniors requiring additional care to rise from 14% in 2010 to 21% by 2050. Digital Disruption will be an asset to meeting the future needs of seniors, so it’s in your best interest to understand the regulations and changes posed by the new digital age of healthcare.

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