Useful Gadgets For Seniors Aging In Place

Your 1+1 Team
April 22, 2022

Living alone can get more and more difficult as you age. Your loved one may want to continue to live on their own at home but runs into issues when they’re alone, such as not being able to reach high cabinets or having trouble getting up from their seat. Assistive devices have made aging in place more possible for seniors who can no longer move around like they used to but want to live independently. There are several gadgets out there made to make a senior’s life at home easier.

Dressing Made Easier With These Useful Gadgets

Socks and shoes aids

  • Donning Device Stocking: This steel device allows you to pull on socks without having to bend to your feet.
  • Heavy Duty Shoe Horn: Have you ever had such a difficult time tucking your foot in your shoe? Long metal shoe horns to the rescue! Its strong durability allows you to easily put on and remove your shoes and socks.
  • Easy-on/Easy-off sock aid kit: This plastic device allows you to put on your socks and take them off without having to bend down. It can be used to remove light garments as well.

Clothing aids

  • Dressing stick: This gadget makes putting on and off clothes easier. The side with the pull hook can be used to put on shirts, pull-up pants, skirts, and put on shoes or remove socks. The cup hook on the opposite side can be used to pull zippers and shoelace loops.
  • Zip-Grip Zipper pull: No more fumbling with tiny metal pulls! This device lets you zip your coats, pants, boots, and purses.
  • Sure-Grip Button Hook: This device helps you avoid the pain of forcing those buttons into the tiny buttonholes of your shirt.
  • Bra Fastening: The Buckingham Bra Buddy is helpful for women who only have use of one of their arms due to a surgery or a stroke.

Grooming and Hygiene

  • Wipe Assist: Independent, aging adults can face the most difficulties when using the bathroom without assistance. The wipe assist helps those with limited mobility use toilet paper.
  • Built-up Handles: The soft, built-up handle device helps people with arthritis or limited grasping ability. It can be used for toothbrushes, writing utensils, silverware, etc.

Aids for mobility

  • Wheelchair ramp: If your loved one is wheelchair-bound, installing a ramp can make it easier for them to get in and out of their house.
  • Indoor/outdoor riser: This device allows seniors facing hip pain, post-surgery, weakness, or balance issues to have shallower steps to walk up.
  • Security Pole: For any room in the house with a ceiling between 7 to 10 feet, a security grab-pole bar can allow your loved one to have a steady handle to hold when they stand up.
  • Power Seat Assist: The power seat electric lift can make getting out of your chair much easier.
  • Pick-up grabber: This tool is helpful for seniors who may have trouble reaching and picking up items around their homes.
  • Doorknob grips: Turning door knobs can be difficult for those with limited mobility. This device is here to help!
  • Multi-purpose Can and Jar Opener: This multi-purpose kitchen tool is useful for seniors who need assistance opening water bottles, jars, soda cans, etc.

If your loved one wants to continue to live on their own, consider implementing gadgets in their home so they can have an enjoyable and safe aging-in-place experience.

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