Tips for Moving Elderly Parents Out of Their Home

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January 23, 2024

Moving elderly loved ones is a challenging and emotionally charged endeavor, whether they are transitioning to an assisted living community, moving into your home, or downsizing to a senior apartment. To ease the process, here are six comprehensive tips to help you move elderly parents out of their homes and navigate the complexities of this significant life change.

1. Delegate Moving Responsibilities

Helping your elderly loved one downsize involves sensitive decision-making and emotional considerations. Start small by tackling one room at a time, beginning with spaces of lower sentimental value. Assist them in making tough decisions about possessions, differentiating between items to keep, donate, or give away to family and friends. This gradual approach allows for a smoother transition, fostering a sense of accomplishment.

2. Explore Using Senior Relocation Services

Consider seeking professional assistance, such as senior move managers, who specialize in organizing moving elderly parents out of their homes. These experts can help mitigate the emotional aspect of moving and facilitate tough decision-making. Choose a company with a focus on seniors, such as those affiliated with the National Association of Senior Move Managers, ensuring a seamless transition, from packing to after-move processes.

3. Plan Moving Transportation Around Your Elderly Loved One’s Needs

Transportation considerations play a crucial role in a successful move. Be mindful of your loved one’s mobility and health conditions, planning for extra travel time and making necessary arrangements for medical transit if required. If flying is necessary, book nonstop flights, coordinate with the airline for special assistance, and ensure your elderly loved one is familiar with safety protocols.

4. Handle Health Care Ahead of the Move

Moving your elderly parents out of their home to a new city often entails finding new healthcare providers. Work with a geriatric care manager to locate suitable medical professionals and set up appointments promptly. Transfer prescriptions to a nearby pharmacy, and contact insurance providers to confirm coverage in the new location, avoiding potential complications.

5. Make the New Location Feel Like Home

Creating a familiar and comforting environment in the new space is essential for a smooth transition. Organize possessions thoughtfully, replicate the previous layout, and introduce personal touches. Understand the new location’s dimensions in advance to plan the placement of furniture and encourage your elderly loved one to take part in designing their new home.

6. Talk About the Benefits of Your Loved One’s New Home

Help your loved one focus on the positive aspects of their new living situation. Emphasize the benefits of assisted living, such as the relief from household chores, or explore opportunities in the new community that align with their interests and hobbies. Recreate familiar routines, connect with local services, and find activities that bring joy and fulfillment.

Moving elderly parents out of their homes involves navigating a wide range of logistical and emotional challenges. By implementing these six comprehensive tips, you can significantly enhance the transition process. Remember to lean on your family and support network for encouragement and guidance. The key is to approach this significant life change with sensitivity, careful planning, and a focus on creating a positive and comfortable new chapter for your loved one.

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