This Week’s Top Stories About Aging Adult Care

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February 7, 2022

It can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate news that dives into topics of interest for seniors and adult care. If you want to know what’s new for senior health, aging, and care, 1+1 Cares is here to direct you to news media that covers what you’re looking for.

U.S. News: Senior Health

U.S. News provides news and commentary almost daily on topics regarding seniors and their health.
Top story of the week: “What is Assisted Living?” Continue reading: Click here.
Feb. 2, 2022

NPR: On Aging

NPR covers stories and audio on retirement,aging, longevity, and senior issues.
Top story of the week: “A 104-year-old COVID survivor has died. He wanted to keep people safe until the end” Continue reading: Click here.
Feb. 1, 2022

Science Daily: Elder Care News

Science Daily offers the latest medical research on topics regarding caregiving and home health care.
Top story of the week: “Foamy Cells Inspire Better Way to Predict Heart Attacks” Continue reading: Click here.
Jan. 31, 2022

Kaiser Health News: Aging

Kaiser Health News covers issues related to aging and improving care for seniors.
Top story of the week: “Pandemic-Fueled Shortages of Home Health Workers Strand Patients Without Necessary Care” Continue reading: Click here.
Feb. 3, 2022

Medical News Today: Seniors/Aging

Medical News Today answers a variety of questions seniors may have in their articles focused on aging.
Top story of the week: “What is Iron Deficiency Anemia and Aging” Continue reading: Click here.
Jan. 17, 2022

Senior News

Senior News started in 2002 to solely dedicate their website to share articles on aging and health.
Top story of the week: “Bridging the Dental Care Gap” Continue reading: Click here.
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