The Best Brain Training Apps For Seniors

Your 1+1 Team
February 2, 2023

Seniors need to exercise not only their body but their mind as well. As you age, you’re more at risk for memory loss and a decline in cognitive abilities. Your elderly loved one can keep their mind sharp easily by using apps on their phone.


  1. AARP Online Games

While AARP is best known for being an informative source for seniors, the nonprofit organization also has online games on its site! Your loved one can exercise their brain with some fun games such as mahjong, solitaire, crossword puzzles, and other word games.

  1. Brain HQ

Brain HQ was created by an international team of neuroscientists based on 30 years of research. The app has exercises composed in different levels to help users improve memory, cognitive speed, attention, and social skills. 

  1. Cognifit Brain Fitness

Cognifit Brain Fitness likes to call itself “a gym for your brain.” The app is designed not only to stimulate but also to rehabilitate specific brain functions. Users can pick from personalized programs focused on stroke, Parkinson’s disease, etc. The app aims to exercise the mind by having over 40 different activities to help with attention, flexibility, mental agility, problem-solving, etc. 

  1. Dakim Brain Fitness Active

Dakim Brain Fitness Active utilizes patented NuroLogic Technology which involves six steps varied in difficulty to help meet individual needs and maximize effectiveness. The system also selects which games out of the hundreds available will be the most successful in improving memory and cognitive function.

  1. Duolingo

Has your loved one always wanted to learn a new language but never had the time? Duolingo makes committing to learning a new language easy! The app offers a wide assortment of languages to choose from and a well-developed system to encourage you to stay learning.

  1. Elevate

Elevate is another widely-used brain-training app! The games and exercises on the app are designed to help with critical cognitive skills such as memory, focus, and processing speed. Elevate also offers personalized data and feedback on your loved one’s performance and progress.

  1. Left vs Right: Brain Games

Left vs Right: Brain Games has 49 games centered on testing “awareness, adaptability, reflex, reasoning, precision, and patience,” according to the app developer. The app also aids individuals with color blindness. 

  1. Lumosity

Luminosity is a popular brain training app that helps improve memory and cognitive function. The app has a range of games and activities involving memory, speed, flexibility, attention, and problem-solving skills. Luminosity also provides a personalized experience in their program to adapt to your loved one’s personal needs and goals.

  1. Memorado Brain Training Games

Memorado focuses on helping memory and memorization skills through memory improvement games. The app can help strengthen the cognitive function of any senior whether they have suffered from a stroke or simply just want to improve their memory.

  1. Peak

Peak focuses on exercising your brain in a similar way to working out your muscles in the gym. The app has“a personal trainer for your brain” to make suggestions on activities that would best meet your needs. Peak also has over 40 games that vary in duration and difficulty.


There are a variety of ways to improve cognitive skills and apps are one easy way to flex that brain! You can read more articles with 1+1 Cares to learn how to improve your loved one’s aging experience. 


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