Nurturing a Loved One with Alzheimer’s: Practical Tips for Caregivers

Your 1+1 Team
November 10, 2023

Alzheimer’s disease is a challenging journey for both patients and their caregivers. As the disease progresses, it brings about a series of changes, both in behavior and cognitive function. Memory loss, disorientation, impaired judgment, and a decline in spatial awareness can make everyday tasks, and even familiar surroundings, feel like uncharted territory. The once-beloved home can become a potential minefield for your loved one’s safety. The unpredictability of Alzheimer’s makes caregiving a demanding task, but here are some practical tips you can follow to ease the stress and provide a safe environment for your loved one to age in place.

Safety Aids

The first step in creating a safe environment for your loved one with Alzheimer’s is to ensure that you have essential safety aids in place. Alzheimer’s patients may unknowingly create emergencies, such as kitchen fires. Therefore, regularly check that all smoke detectors in the home are functioning and replace the batteries as needed. Additionally, have a working fire extinguisher within easy reach, and make sure you know how to use it. Compile a complete list of emergency contact numbers, including the fire department, sheriff or police department, poison control center, and the nearest hospital’s emergency room. Don’t forget the 24-hour Alzheimer’s caregiver emergency hotline, which can provide invaluable support and information. Finally, ensure that your first aid kit is fully stocked and readily accessible.

Clear Passage

Alzheimer’s patients are at a high risk of falls, often due to minor hazards that could be easily prevented. The spatial awareness issues associated with Alzheimer’s can cause your loved one to overlook potential tripping hazards like bunched-up rugs or unsecured electrical cords. To prevent falls, clear all clutter from hallways and bedrooms, keeping floor spaces free from any obstructions. This simple step can go a long way in reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

Bathroom Safety

The bathroom can be a hazardous place for Alzheimer’s patients, with its wet and slippery surfaces, sharp objects, and medication bottles. To enhance bathroom safety, install slip-proof pads in the bathtub or shower and add grab rails in the shower and near the toilet to prevent falls. Keep medications well-labeled and securely stored, depending on the severity of your loved one’s Alzheimer’s condition. Razors and scissors should be kept out of reach or locked away in a bathroom cabinet to avoid accidents.

Bright Lights

Proper lighting is essential for the safety of your loved ones with Alzheimer’s. A dark room can be unsettling and confusing for someone with Alzheimer’s, especially if their dementia has progressed. Ensure there is adequate lighting at the top of each stairway and in your loved one’s bedroom. Night lights can be particularly helpful in bedrooms, hallways, and bathrooms, reducing disorientation and anxiety.

Service Dogs

Companionship and assistance from service dogs can significantly benefit your loved one with Alzheimer’s. These specially trained dogs can help your loved one find their way home if they get lost and are trained to alert caregivers in case of a fall or injury. The bond between the patient and the service dog can have a positive impact on those struggling with dementia, cognitive decline, and depression. Consider introducing a service dog into your caregiving routine for added support and security.

Alzheimer’s disease presents unique challenges for both patients and their caregivers. However, with the right measures in place, individuals with Alzheimer’s can continue to live safe and happy lives at home. 

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