North Los Angeles Activities to Keep Aging Adults Safe and Active During COVID-19

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August 25, 2021

Families in north Los Angeles have the same question as families across the country: How can I keep my aging family member safe yet active amidst the COVID-19 pandemic? Luckily, Los Angeles offers many virtual activities for seniors or over-the-phone resources. Below, we share some Los Angeles activities for seniors that a qualified caregiver referred by 1+1 Cares can help your loved one stay safe and engaged.

How do we know these things? Because we’re the experts in caregivers for north Los Angeles seniors! When you contact 1+1 Cares in north Los Angeles, California, we provide recommendations for the best in-home caregiver services for your aging loved one. We connect you with the best local caregivers right here in your community who can meet your unique needs. Every caregiver we refer to meets our high standards. And every caregiver has the skills and experience to care for your senior family members. 1+1 Cares about you.

Attend a north Los Angeles-based Virtual Event, Together

Join a book club

If you enjoy reading, it’s a good idea to engage in a book club so you can interact with those who have the same interest. There are several libraries in the Los Angeles area that host events such as book clubs. Specifically, the Burbank Public Library hosts an online book discussion once every month on Saturday at 2 pm. You can contact them on the Burbank Public Library website to learn more and borrow a copy of each month’s book selection.

Workout from Home

SilverSneakers provides a variety of virtual workout classes as well as multiple gym locations across Los Angeles. It is available at no cost for adults aged 65 and older through select Medicare plans. Click on the SilverSneakers website to learn more about their services.

Take a Cooking Class

Expand your taste palette and learn something new through virtual cooking classes. EATZ is one of the best cooking schools in Los Angeles and offers a diverse amount of online cooking classes. It’s fully interactive, flexible, and social! Check out the EATZ cooking school website to find more about their options and book a session.

Play Bingo

Firefly Events hosts a virtual bingo game for remote teams so you can play anywhere. All you have to do is submit a quote for your team and then you can join in all the fun. The Bingo website has further information on how it works and what it entails.

Seniors on the Move: Stay Active in north Los Angeles

Explore north Los Angeles and its beauty

You can stay active simply by going outside and exploring the diverse beauty of the city. Whether it be walking around your neighborhood or in Los Angeles’s different enclaves, you can get your exercise as well as discover your new favorite spots. There are also several hiking trails and parks in Los Angeles so you can walk and be surrounded by nature. The Discover Los Angeles website lists ten easy hikes to do in the area.

Dance together!

LA Dancefit Studio offers a variety of in-person and online dance classes. You can do Zumba from zoom in your living room or on the beach in Santa Monica. You get the best of both worlds. If interested, check out their schedule and book a class through

Plan a Special north Los Angeles Outing with Your In-Home Caregiver

Go to an art show

The art scene in Los Angeles is known to be phenomenal. Why not be out on the town and see the creativity the city has to offer? GalleriesNow provides a guide to the best art exhibitions in Los Angeles and is updated daily.

Enjoy the beaches of SoCal

Los Angeles being right by the water has its benefits. Head out to Santa Monica beach to enjoy the beautiful ocean views and calming air. Living near the beach gives you the perfect spot to unwind and recharge.

Visit the Museums

Going to the museums in Los Angeles is essential to exploring the city and its culture. There are many must-see museums to check out in the area, the Huntington Library, Art Collections & Botanical Gardens and the Natural History Museum are just a few. Immerse yourself in the culture of the city and check out the 21 best museums in Los Angeles.

Check out these resources available for aging adults in north LA.

Why Hire an In-Home Caregiver?

Lower the stress of caring for your senior family member with help from a professional caregiver referred by 1+1 Cares. Enjoy regular routines and rest assured knowing your loved one is in good hands.

Since 2007, our mission has been to make high-quality, affordable care accessible. We provide meaningful impact for the people who need assistance, the families who love them, and the caregivers who perform these critical services. At 1+1 Cares, our goal is to make this process easy and affordable. Referring you to a qualified caregiver is our way to relieve some of your stress and uncertainty.

At 1+1 Cares, we’ve got you covered. We have a large and competitive pool of qualified caregivers. This means you’ll not only connect with the ideal person but you’ll also have options for backup caregivers at your service. This is important should your main caregiver(s) become unavailable.
We find that checklists are a welcome tool to help families navigate the caregiving process. As you seek a qualified, caring caregiver in north Los Angeles, keep these six considerations in mind:

  1. Identify the Level of Care You Need: Some families will need just a little help, such as routine in-home visits or à la carte concierge services. Other families may need a bit more help, such as Live-in Care or 24-hour Care.
  2. Understand Your Agency Options (and Avoid Common Pitfalls): The best option is to work with an established agency. Stand-alone or private caregivers often lack even the most basic protections, such as identity verification.
  3. Ask a Lot of Questions about Home Care Services and Rates. A Lot! Our costs are typically 30 percent less than traditional in-home care agencies.
    Seek Flexible Caregiving Options with No Minimum Hours: Don’t put yourself in a situation where you end up paying for more caregiving services than you actually require.
  4. Does the Caregiver Have Liability Insurance? Does your caregiver carry the liability insurance you need to protect yourself and your family? Not all agencies offer this, especially if you go with a stand-alone or private-found care provider.
  5. Plan for a Backup Caregiver: We don’t want you to find yourself in a situation where you need to adjust your personal time because you have no coverage for your mom, dad, or grandparent. It’s an avoidable dilemma—if you pick the right agency.

We hope these six checklist items help you navigate the caregiver selection process in north Los Angeles. 1+1 Cares is proud to check the box on every one of these items. But even if you don’t end up going with us, we hope that you’ll take these considerations into account. Following these considerations will help protect you and your aging loved one. It will also ensure an ideal match for your family in your community. For more, please reach out today to schedule a call!

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