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Sacramento Activities to Keep Seniors Safe and Active During Covid-19

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December 16, 2020

Families in Sacramento have the same question as families across the country: How can I keep my aging family member safe yet active amidst the COVID-19 pandemic? Luckily, Sacramento offers many virtual activities for seniors or over-the-phone resources. Below, we share some Sacramento activities for seniors that a qualified caregiver referred by 1+1 Cares can help your loved one stay safe and engaged.

How do we know these things? Because we’re the experts in caregivers for Sacramento seniors! When you contact 1+1 Cares in Sacramento, California, we provide recommendations for the best in-home caregiver services for your aging loved one. We connect you with the best local caregivers right here in your community who can meet your unique needs. Every caregiver we refer meets our high standards. And every caregiver has the skills and experience to care for your senior family members. 1+1 Cares about you.

COVID-19 Resources and Connections

While much remains unknown about COVID-19, we do know one thing. Older adults and people with serious chronic medical conditions are at a higher risk of getting sick. For other timely information, the City of Sacramento has a Sacramento COVID Relief resource that may be helpful. There’s also a Sacramento County Public Health COVID-19 Case Dashboard. The dashboard has up-to-date information on testing, hospitalizations, and cases by Zipcode. In addition, Sacramento County will hold an online Public Health Forum on COVID-19 on December 17 on Zoom (register here).

Staying informed and connected during the pandemic is especially important for older adults. There are many resources available in Sacramento to provide your loved one with information. There are also opportunities to forge connections with others and to safely navigate the internet and technology. Here’s just a few such resources:

  • Ask questions, get answers, all via a simple phone call.

    California launched a program and hotline to help your aging loved ones stay healthy and connected while they’re stuck at home amidst the pandemic. Your family member can call (833) 544-2374 to ask questions and connect with others.

  • Battle loneliness and depression.

    Friendship Line California is another helpful resource for older adults. The initiative, in partnership with the Institute on Aging, aims to provide emotional support to seniors who may be experiencing anxiety or loneliness. It’s free to call; the number is (888) 670-1360.

  • Access healthy foods.

    If access to food is a concern for your loved one, check out the City of Sacramento’s Great Plates program. In partnership with some of the great local restaurants, the program provides three meals a day to seniors and high-risk individuals amidst the pandemic. The meals are delivered directly and safely to your loved one. Please contact the program administrator at the link above to check the status and availability of meal delivery.

Safely Navigate Technology

Navigating technology is new to many seniors. Amidst the isolation of the pandemic, many older adults have learned to embrace the internet and technology-enabled devices to connect with loved ones and access products and services online. It can be a challenge to get started, but the Ethel MacLeod Hart Senior Center in Sacramento is here to help. It offers dedicated technology guidance so that your loved one can connect with others on Zoom, join an online book club, or safely explore online communities. Call the center at (916) 808-5462 to explain the issues you’re having. After a few basic questions, they’ll connect your loved one to the right help, over the phone. (AARP also offers a video tutorial on the basics of Zoom. You can watch it here.)

Sometimes the problem is not understanding technology, but having access to it. United Way California Capital Region and the City of Sacramento’s IT department offer a Digital Equity Response program. The program provides up to 10,000 households in Sacramento with internet connectivity and up to 1,000 individuals and families with computers or hot spots. The program also includes digital literacy training to help your loved one more safely and effectively navigate the internet. Here’s a flyer with more information. It’s also available here in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Hmong.

Sacramento Activities for Seniors to Stay Engaged

If your loved one is eager to get out of the house, and if it is safe for them to do so, consider one of these local activities. Please be sure to check in advance that facilities or parks are open, and take precautions like practicing social distancing and wearing a mask.

  • Walking can be a healthy and distanced activity for the elderly.

    With the company of a qualified caregiver referred by 1+1 Cares, how about a stroll through the lovely streets of Sacramento? Alongside a family member or caregiver, your loved one can enjoy the many murals that are painted throughout the city. And you can leave it to your caregiver to worry about driving and parking!

  • Plan ahead!

    Do some research and plan a future outing to a local museum or park. Often, we can live in a city for a long time and never experience some of the local museums and attractions. Sacramento is home to 28 wonderful museums. These cherished spaces teach us about everything from art to medical history to the gold rush. Amidst the pandemic, most museums remain closed. But that shouldn’t stop your loved one from planning a future outing. Here’s a list of local museums that your loved one can peruse.

  • Explore new virtual museum offerings.

    Many museums now offer virtual experiences while their facilities remain closed. The Sacramento History Museum, for example, offers a special (and free) Yuletide Underground event on December 18 and 19. You’ll join your guide, Miss Odessa, as she finishes up her holiday preparations in 1860. Or what about a virtual tour of Old Sacramento or the historic Old City Cemetery? This is an especially nice option for seniors with mobility issues. You can delve into rich local history any time, from the safety of home, with tour guides Pete and Ruby.

Attend a Sacramento-based Virtual Event, Together

Amidst the pandemic, local groups in Sacramento have been quick to transform their programs and events into virtual offerings. A qualified caregiver can help your family member take part in these special events. For example, a caregiver can help your loved one create a Zoom account from the safety and comfort of their home. Digital events open up the world to your family member, enabling them to connect with others around shared topics of interest.

Here’s just a few of the special virtual events your loved one can attend, all based in the Sacramento area. With the help and companionship of a qualified caregiver from 1+1 Cares, they can:

  • Join a book club.

    If your loved one enjoys reading, why not encourage them to read along with others? “Books with Hart” is a virtual book club that meets on the first Friday of each month, from 10 AM to 11:30 AM. Email contact@saclibrary.org to learn more and borrow a copy of each month’s book selection.

  • Create a life history.

    Seniors have many, many stories to tell. Help your loved one preserve their life stories with a virtual life history writing class. Participants write and share stories each week, and get feedback and encouragement from others. The group meets Tuesdays from 10:30 AM to 12 PM. Click here to register or contact the Hart Senior Center at (916) 808-5462 for more information.

  • Find inspiration to create.

    Is your loved one creative? Do they enjoy reading or writing? Consider the Creative Improv course, also from the Hart Senior Center. It can inspire your loved one to draw from imagination and experience to express themselves through writing. The Zoom course will help your loved one tap into various writing forms and activities and find support and encouragement from the instructor and other participants. The course is free and all materials are provided. It takes place Thursdays from 3:30 to 5 PM. Register here or call the Hart Senior Center at (916) 808-5462.

  • Win at bingo.

    The pandemic has paused many of our favorite pastimes and get-togethers, like the occasional bingo game with friends. There’s a solution in Sacramento! The City offers a virtual bingo event for seniors every Thursday at 1 PM on Zoom. Everything your loved one needs is sent in advance, and there are, of course, prizes! To sign up, email Laura Argueta at largueta@cityofsacramento.org.

Seniors on the Move: Stay Active in Sacramento

Another way to engage your loved one is with physical activity, especially virtual activities or those that allow for social distancing. Here are a few ideas:

  • Balance a tough year.

    The Hart Senior Center has created a video version of Joe Miguel’s Strength and Balance class. It’s a popular, well-attended class that helps seniors stay fit while having fun. The center now offers a video of Joe and his routine, so that your loved one can enjoy the benefits of the class safely at home. You can get a link to the video by emailing Linda at LThao3@cityofsacramento.org.

  • Take a moment to breathe.

    Meditation can be a very beneficial practice for everyone right now, including our aging loved ones. The Hart Senior Center offers an online QiGong Movement and Meditation course on Saturdays from 12 to 1 PM. The course is gentle, and moves through various sitting and standing movements to exercise joints and muscles and increase balance and strength. The meditations also facilitate calm and a state of well-being. The course is free and all levels are welcome. To register, please call the Hart Senior Center at (916) 808-5462 or register here.

  • Dance together!

    Join Kelly for an hour of physical exercise using light Zumba weights and dance. Your loved one can learn to move to the sounds of Cumbia, Merengue, Mambo, Salsa, Samba, and much more. The current course is scheduled to end on December 15, but please contact the Hart Senior Center for updates and the 2021 schedule. (Registration has currently ended.) The virtual class is designed for people over 50, and it’s open to everyone and all skill levels. There is a small fee for this course.

  • Release the tension.

    Explore other beneficial online classes, like Beginning Somatic Muscle Release. This form of movement helps us to be more conscious of our movements. It’s designed to reverse the effects of aging, including stress and trauma that builds up in our bodies. All movements in this course are gentle and can be done on a blanket or yoga mat. Classes are every Tuesday and Friday from 12:30 to 1:30 PM. Call the Hart Senior Center at (916) 808-5462 to learn more and register. It’s free!

Plan a Special Sacramento Outing with Your In-Home Caregiver

A road trip with a safe member of your household or a vetted caregiver can also be a unique way for your loved one to explore their surroundings and do something special, especially around the holidays. Qualified caregivers from 1+1 Cares can also help your loved one travel to special destinations for appointments, short day visits, or special treats. Here’s a few ideas:

  • Be festive.

    The City of Sacramento and the Belle Cooledge Community Center are hosting a Candyland Drive-Thru. A trusted caregiver referred by 1+1 Cares can drive your loved one through the park. They’ll experience festive music, holiday lights, and even some special treats along the way. Everyone stays in their cars for the duration, and masks are recommended. The Candyland Drive-Thru runs from December 21 at 5:30 PM to January 2 at 7:30 PM.

  • Learn the local history.

    What about a road trip through California gold country? There’s a great planning resource from Visit Sacramento to plan a scenic drive through quaint towns steeped in gold rush lore.

  • Historic virtual tours.

    Your loved one can also take a virtual tour of the Old Sacramento Waterfront or the Historic City Cemetery. The Sacramento History Alliance hosts this free service. Each “Anytime Tour” features a 50-minute digital walking tour highlighted by 10 stops at each location. Seniors can explore 19th century Sacramento and learn of interesting true stories, all from the comfort and safety of home.

Why Hire an In-Home Caregiver?

Lower the stress of caring for your senior family member right now with help from a professional caregiver referred by 1+1 Cares. Enjoy regular routines and rest assured knowing your loved one is in good hands.

Since 2007, our mission has been to make high-quality, affordable care accessible. We provide meaningful impact for the people who need assistance, the families who love them, and the caregivers who perform these critical services. At 1+1 Cares, our goal is to make this process easy and affordable. Referring you to a qualified caregiver is our way to relieve some of your stress and uncertainty.

At 1+1 Cares, we’ve got you covered. We have a large and competitive pool of qualified caregivers. Which means you’ll not only connect with the ideal person but you’ll also have options for backup caregivers at your service. This is important should your main caregiver(s) become unavailable.

We find that checklists are a welcome tool to help families navigate the caregiving process. As you seek a qualified, caring caregiver in Sacramento, keep these six considerations in mind:

  1. Identify the Level of Care You Need:

    Some families will need just a little help, such as routine in-home visits or à la carte concierge services. Other families may need a bit more help, such as Live-in Care or 24-hour Care.

  2. Understand Your Agency Options (and Avoid Common Pitfalls):

    The best option is to work with an established agency. Stand-alone or private caregivers often lack even the most basic protections, such as identity verification.

  3. Ask a Lot of Questions about Home Care Services and Rates. A Lot!

    Our costs are typically 30 percent less than traditional in-home care agencies.

  4. Seek Flexible Caregiving Options with No Minimum Hours:

    Don’t put yourself in a situation where you end up paying for more caregiving services than you actually require.

  5. Does the Caregiver Have Liability Insurance?

    Does your caregiver carry the liability insurance you need to protect yourself and your family? Not all agencies offer this, especially if you go with a stand-alone or private-found care provider.

  6. Plan for a Backup Caregiver:

    We don’t want you to find yourself in a situation where you need to adjust your personal time because you have no coverage for your mom, dad, or grandparent. It’s an avoidable dilemma—if you pick the right agency.

We hope these six checklist items help you navigate the caregiver selection process in Sacramento. 1+1 Cares is proud to check the box on every one of these items. But even if you don’t end up going with us, we hope that you’ll take these considerations into account. Following these considerations will help protect you and your aging loved one, especially amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. It will also ensure an ideal match for your family in your community. For more, please reach out today to schedule a call!

Give Care in Sacramento

1+1 Cares is seeking talented and caring individuals to provide quality senior home care in Sacramento. If you want to pursue a new career or simply earn additional income helping local families, please sign up to give care today with 1+1 Cares.

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