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How to Hire a Caregiver

Your 1+1 Team
January 16, 2022

Is it becoming hard to balance your caretaking duties with your other responsibilities? Does your loved one need extra help that you can’t offer? A caregiver may be exactly the help you’re looking for. Hiring a caregiver for your loved one can be an overwhelming process. There are numerous factors to consider when picking the right caregiver such as how well your elderly family member gets along with them, what type of help they’re willing to offer, etc. Choosing a caregiver is easier said than done, luckily 1+1 Cares is here to help with the process! We narrowed down the steps on how to hire a caregiver for your loved one.

1. Determine the level of care required and write a job description

To pick the right caregiver, you have to make sure they match the criteria you’re looking for. Make a list of what you want in a caregiver for your loved one. For example, do you want them to help with household duties or transportation? Knowing exactly what you’re looking for will help you narrow down potential caregivers you find in the searching process. It’s also necessary to write a thorough job description or explicitly say what type of services you’re looking for ahead of interviewing, so neither you nor the potential caregiver wastes each other’s time.

2. Determine pay rate

Caregivers through 1+1 Cares set their pay rate. When looking for caregivers to match with on 1+1 Cares, make sure you and the potential caregiver are on the same page with determining their pay. Depending on the U.S. region, $10-20 per hour is the expected pay rate for hiring an independent caregiver.

3. Background check

A background check for a potential caregiver is necessary for the safety of your loved one. 1+1 Cares conducts a background check on all caregivers through our service. We do a criminal background check as well as verify:

  • Work eligibility in the US
  • Sufficient liability insurance
  • Current driving insurance
  • Driving record
  • References

4. Create an employment contract

Once you hire a caregiver, you should build an employment contract for both of you to sign. The contract is a written agreement that lays out all the details you have discussed. Signing the contract means you both agree to the terms and the job expectations are clear. The contract should include:

  • Pay rate and pay periods
  • Start date of employment
  • Vacation days
  • Hours/schedule
  • Expectations
  • Duties the caregiver is to perform

These steps can make searching for a caregiver a lot less overwhelming. Picking the right caregiver for your loved one will make the whole process worth it. You can find and match with caregivers through our service.


1+1 Cares is a referral agency that works for clients and caregivers. We match caregivers with clients and inform them of your requirements. We work for you so you and your loved one can have a safe, enjoyable caregiving experience.

1+1 Cares by serving as a family’s caregiving concierge.  1+1 Cares is a unique platform that synergizes premium service, qualified caregivers, and affordable rates.  By empowering families to make the right decisions, 1+1 Cares makes in-home care affordable and accessible.  1+1 Cares about you.


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