How To Encourage Seniors To Make Healthier Lifestyle Choices [6 Tips]

Your 1+1 Team
October 28, 2021

As your loved one ages, the chances of their health weakening can increase. According to, aging adults experience a higher risk of chronic disease and in 2012, 60% of older adults managed two or more chronic conditions. However, for seniors facing health concerns is not inevitable, it is preventable. Through maintaining a healthier lifestyle, your loved one can enjoy a healthy aging experience and keep their quality of life for as long as possible. We provide some ways you can provide the encouragement and motivation needed to push your loved one into adopting healthier lifestyle choices.

1. Develop a realistic plan

For your loved one to permanently adopt healthier lifestyle changes, they need to start slowly and focus on one new habit at a time. For example, if your loved one is starting to exercise, wait a couple of weeks to introduce them to diet changes. This allows you to give your loved one realistic timeframes to let go of bad habits.

2. Remind your parent of his or her role in the family

Your loved one may not see the point in cutting out their bad habits such as smoking and eating unhealthy. However, remind them of their role and influence in the family. Make them aware that their grandchildren look up to them and see them as their role model. The reminder will push them to be healthier not just for themselves but for their loved ones.

3. Set goals and rewards

Positive effects from lifestyle changes can take time so to prevent your loved one from losing motivation you can set up a goals and rewards system. You can set goals your loved one can track such as eating a healthy breakfast every day and following up each goal with a reward to encourage them to keep making progress.

4. Make living healthier normal

Instead of telling your loved one, you want them to make healthier choices, just start adding these new practices into the daily routine. For example, you could serve a healthy smoothie every morning. Your loved one may not even notice these small changes and it will be easy for them to comply.

5. Get your loved one excited about their future

Some seniors may see living healthier as pointless because they feel they have no reason to strive for longevity. Showing them they have something exciting to look forward to is a motivation for staying healthy. You can help your loved one be motivated to stay fit for their future by planning events weeks or months ahead of time they can work towards. For example, your loved one will be more willing to exercise if they need to prepare for taking hikes in their upcoming vacation.

6. Make the changes together

Your loved one will feel more supported in adopting a healthier lifestyle if they’re not alone in the process. Making these changes with your loved one will be that extra comfort to motivate them to stay on track. You can do this by working out and changing to a healthier diet with them.

There is more to motivating your loved one than nagging them! By showing your loved one you believe in them and can give support, they will feel more encouraged to have a healthier lifestyle.

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