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How To Choose The Best Adult Diapers | Incontinence Product

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September 30, 2022

It is common for caregivers to provide care for seniors with incontinence problems. As you age, you are prone to experience the inability to control bowel movement, which can cause stool (feces) leakage. It is nothing to be embarrassed about! However, if your loved one is experiencing fecal incontinence, they need to take the right precautions. Someone experiencing fecal incontinence may pass stool when attempting to pass gas or lose complete control, so it’s necessary to invest in wearing the right Incontinence Product such as adult diapers.

Receiving an Incontinence Diagnosis

If your loved one is experiencing a decline in bladder or bowel control, the next step is to consult a medical health professional. A physician can diagnose the type of incontinence they may have, as well as rule out any serious causes, and offer recommendations for treatment. However, your loved one may still need to use leakage prevention supplies such as diapers in addition to taking medications, doing surgery, or other intervention options. During treatment, diapers can help manage leaks and allow seniors to continue their normal routine.
Finding the Right Diaper for Adults with Incontinence

There are a few components you need to consider when choosing the right leakage prevention/incontinence product:

  • Leakage type (urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence, or both)
  • Leakage amount and corresponding absorbency and coverage levels
  • Style (tab-style or pull-on)
  • Disposable or reusable
  • Unisex or gender-specific products
  • Size
  • Their mobility, dexterity, and functional independence with activities of daily living such as dressing/undressing, toileting, and continence care
  • Cost
  • Personal preferences and comfort
  • Appearance under clothing
  • Flexibility to accommodate one’s varying activity levels

It is normal to experience trial and error when finding the right absorbent product. Certain diaper brands may work better for physical activity outside or heavy absorption when sleeping. Consider using more than one diaper brand to fulfill your needs throughout the day. Also, keep in mind the pricier the product, the more durable and protective it may be.

Prioritize Skin Integrity

Constant exposure to fecal matter and urine can be damaging to sensitive skin. It’s necessary to maintain skin care in the area otherwise they can be prone to sores, rashes, and serious infections. Seniors can prioritize skin integrity by:

  • Immediate changing of soiled briefs and liners
  • Gently cleansing and drying private areas
  • Looking for incontinence products that are effective in trapping and wicking moisture away from the skin and have a comfortable breathable lining.
  • Applying skin barrier ointment to protect the area from moisture and irritation.

Shopping for Adult Incontinence Products Online

If your loved one feels embarrassed to buy incontinence products in person, there are a variety of options they can access online with discreet shipping! Once they find a product that works well, joining a subscription service can be useful so they never run out of supplies.

While adult diapers may not be something your loved one wants to brag about, they can be the best solution to avoid the annoying situations that come with having fecal incontinence. 1+1 Cares provides more information on caring for a senior with incontinence problems here.

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