How Long-Term Care Can Support and Protect Older Adults

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November 9, 2021

Your concerns for your parent’s safety may increase as they age. As their body and mind change, they may no longer be able to do their day-to-day tasks on their own. Whether your loved one has an illness, or their cognitive and physical abilities are just declining, it can be a good idea to invest in a long-term care plan. Long-term care involves a variety of services designed to help people live as independently and safely as possible when they can no longer perform everyday activities on their own. According to an ASPE study, 70% of adults who survive to age 65 develop severe long-term service and support needs before they die. Long-term care is high in demand for its ability to protect aging adults and address their personal needs. We can explain how long-term care services support your loved one to have a safe and happy rest of their life.

Services Long-term care provides

Long-term senior care provides a variety of types of support to cater to the personal needs of who they’re caring for. Long-term care can offer support from the home to even transportation services.

  • Homemaker/personal care services– If your loved one needs assistance with their day-to-day tasks, homemaker/personal care services can provide the help they are looking for. Homemaker services include help with meal preparation and household chores. Personal care services include bathing and dressing. An extra helping hand with these tasks can help prevent aging adults from facing danger when attempting on their own and being oblivious to safety hazards around their homes.
  • Home health care– Seniors who are suffering from a specific medical condition can have access to part-time medical care services through long-term care. These services include nursing care to help those recover from a surgery, illness, or accident. Home health care can also provide physical, occupational, or speech therapy and temporary home health aide services. Your parent can get the care they need within the safety of their own home.
  • Friendly visitor and senior companion services– You may be concerned with your loved one’s mental health and safety with them living alone. Friendly visitor and senior companion services usually consist of regularly paid short visits by volunteers to someone frail or living alone. These visits are typically less than 2 hours but they can provide that extra set of eyes you need on your parent who lives alone.
  • Senior transportation services– Transportation can be a huge concern for seniors who no longer have access to their license or lost their ability to drive. Not having use of transportation can affect your loved one’s mental and physical health. Whether they are suffering from cabin fever or need to get emergency medication, they need ease of transportation to address their needs. Transportation services help those get to and from medical appointments, shopping centers, and other places in the community. Some senior homes and community groups offer transportation services.

Whether your loved one needs assistance recuperating from surgery or some company when living alone, long-term care may be exactly what your parent needs. If they require additional assistance with fulfilling their day-to-day personal needs, long-term care is there to support and protect them through a variety of services.


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