Help your Loved One Enjoy the Benefits of Technology

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August 30, 2021

How to Help your Loved One Enjoy the Benefits of Technology in Their Day to Day Lives

In an evolving world, where self-driving cars and artificial intelligence are becoming the next technological advances, it can be frustrating to your elderly family member when they don’t know how to unlock their smartphone. We don’t blame them, it is hard to keep up with one new technology advancement after the other, especially for those of older ages. There are new ways to do things that your elderly family member may not be used to. Some seniors can be a bit stubborn when it comes to becoming technology users. We are not saying they need a robot best friend but certain advancements can add ease and comfort to their lives. According to former U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Assistant Secretary for Aging Kathy Greenlee, today’s technology has a lot to offer to older adults if they understand how to use tools in safe and smart ways. Technology can help them communicate with family members more frequently, reconnect with old friends, keep up with community developments, manage health issues, and more. While technology is there to make your loved one’s day-to-day experience more convenient, it can be difficult for them to navigate. You can make your loved one’s learning experience easier through certain techniques, so they can develop a positive relationship with technology and enjoy its benefits.

Tips on teaching your parent to navigate technology

A Pew Research study found that 77% of older adults needed help navigating technology. Your loved one may not enjoy having to heavily depend on you when it comes to understanding this new type of information. So to ease frustration, the best approach to teaching your loved one how to use technology is through guided repetition and patience.

  • Show them
    Demonstrating is the best way for them to understand how technology works because they walk through the process with you and then they can apply what they saw themselves. So lead by example, whether it be having them watch you send an email or post something on Facebook.
  • Take it slow
    Rushing the learning process will only frustrate your loved ones and make it more difficult for them to take in the new information. Patience and persistence are key. Walkthrough the steps slowly and have them repeat them as many times as needed so they can get the hang of it.
  • Write it down
    Writing down the steps you taught your loved ones will allow them to look back at it so they can jog their memory in case they forget.

Certain technologies that will benefit your loved one

According to Senior Lifestyle Magazine, here are certain ways technology can benefit your loved one and their caregiving experience:

  • Home safety
    Alarm system, internet access
  • Personal status
    Text, video skype calls, smartphone
  • Personal safety
    Sensors, smartphone, mobile PERS, geo-fence
  • Personal health
    Medication reminders, smart dispensers
  • Personal Medical Status
    Care coordination, telehealth, end of life care

Don’t expect your loved one to become a tech guru right away. Remember patience is key and with the right amount of practice, your elderly family member can use technology to their advantage.

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