Creating a Senior Exercise Program For Both Physical Fitness and Fun

Your 1+1 Team
August 9, 2022

You and your loved one may already be aware that senior exercise and a balanced diet will lead to healthy aging. We understand it’s not as easy as it sounds. As a senior with weakened mobility, your loved one can’t be expected to run the treadmill or bodybuild. They may not be able to exercise in the same way as when they were young. However, this shouldn’t discourage them from staying active. There are plenty of ways for your aging loved one to stay exercised without it feeling like a burden.

Here’s how you can create a fitness plan that is both enjoyable and caters to a senior’s needs:

1. Mix and Match Senior Exercise Types for Physical Fitness

While some people prefer the same routine when it comes to their workouts, changing it up makes it more interesting! Incorporating a variety of exercises also is beneficial because it strengthens different parts of the body. CDC states there are three types of exercises you can do to stay physically fit: aerobic activity, muscle strengthening, and balance exercises.

  • Aerobic Activity includes any exercise that gets you moving, whether it be mowing the lawn or doing jumping jacks. Aerobic activity is good at getting you energized by increasing your heart rate. You can also incorporate socialization into aerobic activity by taking a yoga class or joining a walking club.
  • Muscle Strengthening helps older adults not lose muscle mass as they age. Seniors can exercise their muscles by using free weights at the gym or taking a strengthening yoga class. For overall fitness, make sure to choose strengthening exercises that include each muscle group in the body.
  • Balance Exercises are especially necessary for seniors as they are more at risk for falling. You can practice your balance simply by using a wobble board or walking backward. Doing yoga is also helpful because it incorporates many balancing poses.

2. Incorporate Group Exercise

Socialization may be the motivation your elderly loved one needs to stay active. According to the CDC, almost ¼ of adults aged over 65 are considered to be socially isolated. Loneliness affects a senior’s health and is as common in premature mortality as high blood pressure. Group exercise can aid your loved one’s loneliness. Incorporating socialization into their workouts can be as simple as joining them on their walks or signing them up for group exercise classes.

Exercise can be a lot more fun if you have someone to enjoy it with. Your loved one would benefit from having a support system that encourages them to stay active, especially in times when it feels tiresome, and they could lose motivation.

Rethink your approach to getting your aging parent to exercise. Imagine what would motivate you to stay active. Making senior exercise fun and enjoyable can be just what your loved one needs to stay fit.

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