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June 21, 2020

Dealing with an elderly family member’s impending death is one of the most devastating situations that your family will ever have to deal with. One element that often adds further stress to the situation is placing your loved one in a Bay Area hospice care facility, where they are surrounded by strangers and an unfamiliar environment.  If you are looking for an in-home, professional caregiver for hospice situations in the Santa Clara, San Mateo, Alameda, Contra Costa counties, 1 Plus 1 Cares will add peace of mind.

In general, the Bay Area hospice care is designed to make life as comfortable as possible near the end of life. This is when the focus shifts towards palliative care, i.e., pain relief and alleviating symptoms as opposed to attempting to fully cure their distinct condition. The goal is to ensure an elderly person’s optimal comfort, allowing them to spend the end of their life with the grace and dignity that they deserve.

In-home caregivers are an essential aspect of overall comfort and emotional well-being. Spending the time in the comfort of home, surrounded by family and friends, can bring the peace of mind that to everyone during this stressful time.

Our referral program matches your family with caregivers experienced in hospice care. Your qualified caregiver will provide your loved one not only with daily assistance with activities of daily living but also with companionship and constant supervision to meet the senior’s of end-of-life needs.

Additionally, our Concierge Services can take things off your to-do list or even add things that you maybe haven’t considered.

To experience the difference 1+1 Cares does for hospice clients in the Bay area, please feel free to call us today at (408) 298-0663 or you can send us an email at, and we will gladly guide your family towards a smooth transition to the hospice care that you need.

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