Adult Care | Caregiving For Young Adults [Reasons and Benefits]

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October 19, 2021

One misconception about adult care is that it is only meant for seniors. However, these services are also offered to young adults who have restraints in their mental or physical health and need more support. According to Everyday Health, there has been an increased demand for home care for all ages because people who need extra support should be able to receive it in the comfort of their home regardless of how old they are. 1+1 Cares offers its services not just to the elderly but also to those in the 21 to 49 age range as well. We are here to show homecare is an option for young adults because those who don’t consider it may be the ones who can benefit from it.

Why Your Loved Ones May Benefit From Adult Care?

While health problems are more common with age, young adults may need extra assistance due to an illness they have had since birth or trauma that impacted their mental or physical health. According to a study done by National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP, those of a younger age range typically use caregiving for the following reasons:

  • Long-term physical conditions
  • Emotional or mental health problems (for example, veterans with PTSD)
  • Short-term physical conditions
  • Behavioral issues
  • Learning disability or educational issue
  • Developmental delay

How your loved one will benefit from a caregiver?

The reasons young adults benefit from homecare can be both similar and different from those of elderly adults. Overall, caregiving allows your loved ones to get that personal one-on-one care and support that they could not receive from a facility.

Entertainment and activities– The challenge long-term care facilities face is developing a plan of care and getting the resident’s involvement in the development. Separate activity programs are often needed for younger adults that elderly patients are not interested in. A personal in-home caregiver allows your loved one to get the necessary time and focus on those needs.

Less expensive– In-home care is substantially more affordable than staying at a facility. According to Always Best Care, in-home care can be about a third of the cost of the care provided at a nursing home or institution, depending on the hours.

Maintaining their quality of life– If your loved one requires care at a young age, they most likely are not ready to leave their life behind to receive assistance. A personal in-home caregiver allows your loved one to maintain their quality of life for as long as possible. A caregiver can provide extra emotional and medical attention to your loved one while they continue to live their day to life.

Adult care is a solid option for anyone who needs it, no matter their age. If you think your loved one would benefit from the extra support 1+1 Cares offers, feel free to contact us and find out more information.

1 +1 Cares is a referral agency that works for clients and caregivers. We match caregivers with clients and inform them of your requirements. We work for you so you and your loved one can have a safe, enjoyable caregiving experience.

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