6 Ways to Adopt a Self-Care Routine After 60

Your 1+1 Team
November 5, 2021

Your parent may have never considered self-care as a priority because they were so focused on taking care of you. However, as they age and deal with body and life changes, taking care of themselves will be more crucial than ever. While some seniors may not be used to the idea of self-care, taking this time in their lives to invest in themselves and fulfill their personal needs is the key to living a healthy, happy life for as long as possible. It’s more than just having a spa day once a year, self-care needs to be a daily practice for us to feel as good about ourselves as we can be. We have highlighted six ways aging adults can develop a self-care routine and maintain a good quality of life.

1. Discover a new passion

Have you ever been so passionate when doing something that you lost track of time? Dedicating time to trying new things and discovering what interests you can create endless opportunities for your aging parent and their happiness. Discovering a new passion can help you find your purpose and meaning in life as you age and retire. Your loved one should know it is never too late to get inspired, whether it be digging up a previous passion in your life or finding a new one. For seniors to maintain their quality of life, they should be occupying their time with doing something they love.

2. Take time for self-care

In adulthood, we become so occupied with work, raising kids, and another multitude of responsibilities. It can be hard to dedicate time to prioritize ourselves. However, you can’t have self-care without considering the value of time. Aging adults need to realize that to take care of their well-being, they need to dedicate time away from their responsibilities and focus on fulfilling their personal needs and doing what they enjoy.

3. Clear and peace your mind

Your love can take care of themself and their mental health by dedicating 10 minutes a day to trying meditation practices and other ways to clear their head. According to Psycom, meditation has the power to transform our relationship with ourselves, others, and the world around us. Some of us have been stuck in a bad mindset that only damages our mental health and well-being. Through meditation, you can take care of yourself by keeping yourself at peace. Compare Camp states 60% of people who practice meditation find it improves their energy.

4. Invest in a healthy lifestyle

Prioritizing your well-being means prioritizing your health! Aging adults can take care of themselves by maintaining a healthy, balanced diet as well as making sure they are staying active. Your loved one can find an easy exercise they think they would enjoy or cook up a healthy recipe they have always wanted to try! Aging adults are at risk for their cognitive and physical abilities to decline, so to maintain a good quality of life they need to take care of their health.

5. Find what makes you feel centered

Your parent can take care of themselves by only focusing on what brings them good energy. They can journal all the things that bring them joy and find ways to be surrounded by what makes them feel centered daily.

6. Set goals for incorporating self-care behaviors every day

Once your loved one decides what self-care practices they want to incorporate in their life, come up with goals on how often and when. You need to make sure they are prioritizing themselves in their daily routine. However, make it realistic and measurable. The point of self-care is to be at peace with themselves and not be overwhelmed with the process.

Instead of your loved one looking down at life after turning 60, they should be excited! Instead of racing through life and their responsibilities, this can be the chapter when they can invest in themselves by discovering their passions and prioritizing their well-being.

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