5 Best Grocery Delivery Plans For Seniors

Your 1+1 Team
January 11, 2022

In a time of rising Covid-19 cases and the elderly being at risk of going outside, grocery delivery services are more convenient now than ever. They can save themselves a trip to the grocery store and order through a mobile app instead! Mobile delivery services are also helpful for seniors with limited mobility. There are many grocery delivery apps for your loved one to choose from.

Here is some grocery delivery services:

1. Instacart

Instacart has been a big name in grocery delivery service for its great reputation among users. Forbes named Instacart America’s most promising company in 2015. The app is user-friendly and as simple as entering your zip code, choosing grocery stores in your area, and selecting from the inventory! The shopping experience is smooth sailing as the app makes it easy to find items that fit dietary restrictions, take advantage of sales, and get replacement options when the item isn’t available.

2. Amazon Fresh

Amazon Prime has been known for its convenience and fast service, this includes their grocery delivery service. Amazon Fresh is an add-on service to Prime and as a member, you receive free delivery on almost all orders. The service is known for its speed as groceries are delivered in just an hour on most occasions. Store inventory includes items from Whole Foods, Amazon-branded groceries, and more.

3. Walmart + Postmates

Does your loved one enjoy the variety Walmart’s selection has to offer? They can have items from the store delivered right to their door! Walmart partnered with Postmates to launch an online delivery service. The perks of their service include no annual fee as well as a high-quality training program so their shoppers always pick the best products to deliver.

4. Shipt

While Shipt is less widespread compared to the previously mentioned services, it is just as good of service with high product quality and low annual membership fees. You have access to your own personal shopper who you can communicate directly with via text with your requests. This service allows you to have control over the buying and delivery process.

5. Imperfect Foods

Imperfect Foods is a unique delivery service because of its focus on eco-friendliness and sustainability. The company intends to decrease food waste by offering products with small cosmetic defects that still have great taste and nutrition. They deliver in selected areas on the West Coast, Northeast, and Midwest. There are multiple subscriptions to choose from. While the items may have imperfections, it’s a great option if your loved one is interested in being more environmentally friendly.

Never underestimate the convenience of technology. Downloading a grocery delivery service app can be a tremendous help for seniors who can’t handle the extra trip. With just a few clicks, your loved one can have their groceries right on their doorstep!


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