11 Senior Care Products That Make Life Easier For Aging Adults

Your 1+1 Team
December 9, 2021

You may have concerns about how your aging loved one can continue to stay at home by themselves. If their cognitive and physical abilities are weakening, you may be wondering how are they going to do day-to-day tasks such as putting on clothes or opening jars? Or how are they going to use the bathroom or kitchen without injuring themselves? Luckily we live in an innovative world with products invented to solve these problems, making aging in place a bigger possibility for seniors. Continuing off our list of assistive devices for aging adults, we have come down to 11 senior care products that make life easier for seniors at home.

Senior Care Products:

1. Shower chair

Your loved one should not have to feel scared to shower because they are worried about falling. A shower chair allows them to sit and relax. It is the perfect purchase for those with limited mobility or fall risks to shower independently for longer.

2. Jar opener

It’s not just seniors who have difficulties opening jars! Opening a jar can take minutes especially for those who have weakening mobility. The task will no longer feel impossible with a jar opener as it allows your loved one to open a jar in seconds. There are a variety of jar openers to assist seniors such as easy-grip rubber jar openers and the EZ Off Jar Opener.

3. Ring Doorbell

Today, the Ring doorbell has become a staple in almost everyone’s home. The innovative doorbell system helps address safety concerns by having an attached camera you can check through an app on your phone. Your aging family member won’t face risks to their safety and mobility since they can avoid having to walk all the way to answer the door and can check through their phone.

4. Reacher Grabber

The reacher grabber allows seniors the ability to get things from the top shelf, the floor, or behind furniture without injuring their back and avoiding step stools.

5. Grab bars

Grab bars are a staple to the home if your loved one faces mobility issues and wants to age in place. Grab bars assist seniors in getting up from the toilet, or in and out of the shower safely when they are alone. You can choose from a suction-based grab bar or one that requires installment.

6. Gorilla Grip bath mat

Aging adults can also avoid falls in the shower and bathroom by having a gorilla grip bath mat. The original gorilla grip bath mat has a great non-slip surface, sticks better to non-tiled surfaces than any other mat, avoids mold, and is machine washable.

7. Mobile help medical alert systems

A medical alert system can give you and your loved one peace of mind as it gives them access to help when they’re alone. There are a variety of medical alert systems that offer protection inside or outside the home, GPS tracking, or automatic fall detection.

8. Key Turner

For those with weakening mobility, turning a key can be difficult! You don’t want to worry about your loved one being locked outside their home because they are unable to unlock their door. A key turner provides extra assistance for those who can’t easily turn a key in a lock.

9. Bed rail

A bed rail can help your loved one get in and out of bed, as well as avoid rolling out of bed and facing injuries.

10. Toilet Safety Rails

If your aging family member has trouble sitting or standing, they may face difficulties using the toilet. Besides grab bars, toilet safety rails are another product that can help assist those to sit and get up from the toilet.

11. Sock aid

Bending down to put on socks can feel dangerous and quite impossible if you have weak mobility. The sock aid is one of many assistive dressing devices that can help your loved one put on clothes that much easier.

If you ever are worried about your loved one living alone and if they can achieve their day-to-day tasks safely at home, Amazon will become your best friend as you will find a variety of products online to relieve your concerns. Curious about more products? 1+1 listed more assistive devices so your loved one can maintain their independence.

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