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10 Home Security Tips For Seniors [2022]

Your 1+1 Team
December 4, 2021

If your elderly parent is living alone, you may be concerned about how protected they are within their home. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, burglary, robbery, and fraud are the crimes most frequently committed against the elderly. Since researchers have identified the elderly population as more vulnerable to crime due to being socially isolated and having predictable behavior patterns, home security measures are highly recommended for your loved one. Thinking ahead of burglars and intruders who would victimize seniors can ensure your parent’s home is their safe space. We have listed the following home security for seniors tips your loved ones should follow to protect themselves.

1. Keep personal information in a safe place

If your loved one’s home was broken into, the last thing you want is for a burglar to get ahold of their personal information. Consider getting a locked safe for birth certificates, passports, financial statements, and other sensitive documents.

2. Install a home security system

A home security system can be that extra set of eyes your loved one never knew they needed. There are a variety of systems to choose from that can alert in case of intruders as well as other safety precautions. Studies have shown burglars tend to stay away from homes that have a security system installed.

3. Keep doors locked

We sometimes can be careless and let our guard down at our homes. However, while we may think we know our surroundings, crime knows no bounds. Something as small as leaving your door unlocked can cause robberies and intrusions. Seniors must be aware to lock any doors that lead outside at all times.

4. Install a doorbell camera

Innovations such as the doorbell camera system “Ring” can do wonders for your loved one’s safety. They can be aware of who is at the door at all times without having to go to it and risk their safety. The Ring allows for cameras in other parts of the house as well.

5. Remove tools from the yard

Any tools laying outside the house can aid burglars in intruding into their homes. Make sure tools such as hammers and ladders are removed from the yard.

6. Don’t advertise travel plans

Talking about travel plans whether publicly or on social media should be avoided. No matter how long or short your loved one’s travel plans are, they should only keep the news to a few trusted people as the word could get out to the wrong ones.

7. Bring phone when answering the door

It’s a good idea to bring a phone when answering the door, in case your parent needs to quickly call for help.

8. Never leave the key under the door

Instead of leaving a key hidden around the home, give a copy to a trusted family member or neighbor. Hiding a key under the doormat or a potted plant is too common that it will be the first place an intruder will check, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

9. Reinforce home weak points

Installing solid wood or metal doors can be the additional reinforcement to prevent someone from being able to break into the door. Their windows can also be protected by adding double-glazed glass panels.

10. Keep blinds closed whenever possible

Burglars tend to look through the windows of the homes they’re interested in robbing. Cutting off the visibility into the home can discourage them from proceeding.

Simple home security measures can ensure your loved one’s safety and protection from intruders. While the key under the doormat seems like the go-to trick, the convenience and comfort of our home should not distract us from necessary precautions.

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