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Things to know before hiring in-home care

Your 1+1 Team
June 23, 2020

There are different factors that families must be aware of prior to Hiring In-Home Care for an elderly loved one, and this article will serve as a family guide in doing so.

What is In-home Care?

Care solutions for seniors depend on the level of care needed and the preferences. Home care is non-medical support for aging adults in their residence.  Hired caregivers provide non-medical tasks for the client. These tasks focus mainly on activities of daily living. Here are some tasks that a typical home care service covers:

  • Companionship
  • Medication reminders
  • Meal preparation
  • Transportation
  • Bathing and grooming
  • Light housekeeping
  • Transferring

How will a senior benefit from hiring a Caregiver for in home help and hiring a live in caregiver?

Studies suggest that in-home care is the most preferred care option by seniors. This gives them the opportunity to age in place. This enables the Senior to continue living in a familiar environment that is equally close to their loved ones. By aging in place, seniors receive professional-level assistance whenever and wherever needed. Other benefits of staying at home include:

  • Personalized care. When clients hire caregivers, it is expected of them to receive focused and personalized care based on their actual needs. The relationship built between the client and the caregiver impacts the life of the seniors in a positive way.


  • Improved health status.  Based on research, staying in a familiar environment aids in a person’s recuperation and mental being. Moreover, staying in-home means that a client is less prone to contagion as compared to living in an assisted facility, prolonged hospital stay, or in nursing homes. At home, clients have less exposure to viruses and contagious germs.


  • More time for family. Hiring a caregiver means having less time for the chores and more time to focus on creating fond memories with loved ones. Families can focus mainly on building relationships with each other rather than dreading on the chores and possible burnout.


  • Schedule and payment flexibility. With in-home care, schedules are greatly dependent on what the client needs and budget. Whether it’s just for an hour or a continuous live-in shift, the decision lies solely on the client.

What are your other options in Hiring In-Home Care?

Families have three general options when it comes to choosing a home care; a full-service agency, a private caregiver, and a referral agency like 1+1 Cares. Each of which has pros and cons, and it is vital for families to know these before making a decision.

Option 1: Full-service agency

A full-service agency is one that is regulated by the California state. The caregivers sent to clients are their employees and they are directly responsible for training and ensuring that all legal and financial points are being met. Hence, rates are about 30% higher as compared to other options.

Option 2: Private Caregiver

Hiring a private caregiver gives the senior and/or their family direct control as to what the caregiver’s responsibilities. This is often preferred by families because of potential cost savings. However, the costs can be higher if you follow all the wage and hour laws, worker’s comp, insurances, and more. The potential legal and financial risks are expected to be higher because private caregivers are considered as your own employees.

Option 3: Referral Agency

A referral agency primarily links families and clients to a network of caregivers who can assist with non-medical needs. Since there is no employer-employee relationship between the referral agency and caregivers, clients are free to negotiate the rates they can afford and schedule care based on their needs. In fact, families and clients could possibly save an average of  30% for home care because of this arrangement.

1+1 Cares, a referral agency goes above and beyond while screening caregivers thoroughly in order to serve clients better. Here, caregivers who register with the agency are background checked, ensured to have updated paperwork, and have liability insurance prior to getting a referral. The agency strives to refer caregivers who are qualified and are a good match to the clients’ needs and personalities. Aside from these, the agency offers complimentary concierge services to clients for an added peace of mind.

Final Note on Hiring In-Home Care

Choosing the best home care option for a loved one can be a tedious process. This is the challenge especially when you do not know where to begin. It is vital that you know what the current state of your loved one is, and to consider his or her preferences as well. Most adults prefer to stay at home, and home care might be the best option if their health status agrees with it as well.

The primary goal of getting help for a loved one is to ensure that they get to live a decent, safe, and joyful retirement. Regardless of the avenue chosen, always keep in mind that you are not meant to be alone in this journey, and there’s a lot of help available.

1+1 Cares offers a complimentary assessment in order to help families and seniors decide whether in-home care is what they need. Talk to one of our care advisors today to learn more.

1+1 Cares by serving as a family’s caregiving concierge.  1+1 Cares is a unique platform that synergizes premium service, qualified caregivers, and affordable rates.  By empowering families to make the right decisions, 1+1 Cares makes in-home care affordable and accessible.  1+1 Cares about you.


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