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The Next Big Thing In Aging Adult Care [COVID-19 Vaccine]

Your 1+1 Team
February 3, 2022

We can tell you that adult care has not been the same since it first started. Caregiving services are constantly changing with adapting to new situations such as the pandemic and innovations such as the vaccine. When the pandemic first started, it was scary news for seniors as they were the most at risk for facing dangerous symptoms of the virus. People of all ages had to be isolated to prevent exposure, but for the elderly and other groups at high risk quarantining was more than that, it was about protecting their lives. The Covid-19 vaccine was the slight chance for seniors to feel safe again and it became the next big thing in aging adult care. With cases on the rise again, being fully vaccinated, and boosted is necessary for your loved one’s health and well-being outside their home.

1. The vaccine reduces your risk of infection

Your body immediately starts producing antibodies to COVID-19 after you receive your first shot of the vaccine. The antibodies reduce your chance of getting infected because they assist your immune system in fighting the virus.

There is indeed a possibility you can still get COVID-19 after the vaccine, however, if more of the population is vaccinated your chances are further reduced. How? Well, thanks to something called herd immunity. If the majority of the population is vaccinated, it makes it harder for the virus to spread from person to person. So, not only are you protecting yourself but your community as well.

2. The vaccine protects against severe illness

Studies have proven the three covid vaccines ( Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson) have been effective at preventing becoming ill from COVID-19. If you are vaccinated and become infected, your symptoms are less severe and you are unlikely to experience serious illness. The CDC confirms this through their tracking of hospitalizations based on vaccination status. Unvaccinated people over the age of 18 were eight times more likely to be hospitalized than fully vaccinated people. For adolescents aged 12-17, it is ten times more likely.

3. The vaccine allows you to maintain your normal life

Even though the pandemic still exists, those who are fully vaccinated get to maintain their lives outside their home. Since vaccinated people have less of a chance of being infected and spreading it from person to person, they still go out safely! Currently, lots of indoor places and activities require you to show you’re vaccinated. As long as you’re masked and fully vaccinated, you can still attend restaurants, concerts, etc.

The Omicron variant is causing Covid-19 to spread faster more than ever before. Isolation due to the pandemic can be difficult for seniors since many already live alone and are prone to loneliness. The vaccine can help seniors maintain both their health and outside lives instead of having to go right back to isolation in their homes. For more information on the vaccine, visit cdc.gov.

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