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Technology’s Effects On Aging Population [Technology for Senior Care]

Your 1+1 Team
May 12, 2022

81-year-old Lewis James walked out of his daughter Jessica’s home at 2 a.m. on one cold, winter night with no jacket or shoes. Jessica woke up in a panic not knowing where he went, and when he came back hours later he couldn’t tell her either.

Many family caretakers can relate to Jessica’s terror from this experience. You live in constant fear of your loved one’s safety when they are suffering from dementia or other forms of cognitive illness.

In constant agony of what to do about her situation, Jessica decided to get a monitoring system. The sensors around the house connect to an app on her phone, so she can be aware of her father’s activity and movements at all times.

This is one particular case example of how technology can benefit seniors who want to age in place.

Technology for Senior Care

Technology can be the solution for older adults who need assistance but want to still live in their homes. Whether it be an alarm system for protection or a motorized chair for mobility, living independently has been more possible for seniors than ever before thanks to technology.

While technology is a great tool for the elderly, is it affordable? Certain devices such as monitoring technology can be on the pricier side. For example, Weathers-Jablonski’s system from People Power Co. costs $299 and an extra $40 a month to use the app.

These costs aren’t always covered by private insurers and Medicare/Medicaid despite President Joe Biden’s plan to direct billions of dollars towards helping older Americans and those with disabilities live independently.

While technology for senior care can be costly, the affordability of aging in place compared to institutional care makes up for it. According to Senior Living, full-time nursing home care can cost $82,128 to $92,376. So, technology can help your loved one choose the more affordable, convenient option for their living situation.

Technology such as monitoring systems can also raise ethical questions about privacy and quality of care. However, these concerns don’t overtake technology’s ability to support your loved one to age in place.

Technology can solve potential issues such as the gap in-home care for the elderly. Paid caregivers are in short supply to meet the needs of the growing aging population due to high rates of burnout and low wages.

Devices such as the monitoring system can stand in as the role of a caregiver for your loved one or at least make it easier to take care of them. 1 in 5 Americans who are caregivers to a family or friend has said gadgets have made what would be a hard job a lot easier.

Technology has incredible benefits for the growing aging population and home care. More seniors can age in place and fewer caregivers will experience burnout.

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