How to Find Senior Home Care in Woodside, CA

Senior family members may prefer to remain at home as they age and become more dependent on the help of others. For some families, this seems impossible due to cost or time commitment. 1+1 Cares, a caregiver referral agency in Woodside, CA, works hard to prevent these challenges and make it possible for your family to get the care they need.
1+1 Cares prescreens senior caregivers to make sure they have plenty of experience before referring them to you. We also strive to match you with the caregiver we believe is best suited to your unique needs.
24 Hour Home Care Services
Caregivers referred to you by 1+1 Cares can provide non-medical 24 hour home care in Woodside, CA. You can have one caregiver around the clock or divide the day between caregivers if needed. This is helpful when your loved ones need night-time assistance, as one caregiver will be able to take the day shift and another can be alert and available during the night shift. Caregivers provide assistance with numerous daily tasks and activities, including those listed below, as well as others upon request.
  • Companionship
  • Light Cleaning
  • Transportation
  • Grooming
  • Dressing
  • Cooking
  • Bathing
  • Eating
Benefits of Senior Home Care in Woodside
Senior home care in Woodside is the best option for your elderly loved ones because it allows them to keep engaging in many of their favorite activities. Plus, they are able to maintain some control over their routine and not depend on family members to take care of them. Caregivers can also take them on outings, so they can still enjoy Skeggs Point, Huddart County Park, and walks on the many trails in the area.
Families of seniors will also love having someone to share the workload, which reduces the amount of stress and time spent caring for their loved ones. This way, family members are better able to enjoy quality time together instead of spending those precious minutes tending to necessary tasks.
Get Care
Get care for your senior family members with a referral from 1+1 Cares. Learn more about us and how you can get matched with the best caregiver for your family.
Give Care
Are you interested in helping seniors in Woodside, CA? Do you have the skills and experience required to become a caregiver? Sign up to give care with a referral from 1+1 Cares today.