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Developing a Care Plan

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December 29, 2022

Taking care of a senior can be an overwhelming, complicated process without proper planning. Developing a care plan can help ease the stress and ensure that your aging loved one’s needs are being met. Stemming from a geriatric assessment, a care plan assesses what preparations you need to take when caring for your loved one.

Step one: The Geriatric Assessment

The purpose of a geriatric assessment is to assess the current and future medical, emotional, and social needs of an aging adult. It is typically conducted by a geriatric care manager or licensed social worker. A geriatric assessment should contain:

  • An evaluation of the senior’s capability to do activities of daily living (ADLs)
  • A thorough physical, mental and psycho-social assessment
  • An analysis of their current living situation and access to support services
  • Identification of current problems
  • Listing of potential problems

Step two: Develop a Care Plan

The geriatric assessment should help families and caregivers have a better understanding of the information they need to create a successful care plan for their aging loved one. A care plan “assesses an individual’s medical and social service needs, and then coordinates assistance from paid service providers and unpaid help from family and friends to enable persons with disabilities to live with as much independence as possible,” according to AARP. The plan should include information on the following:

  • The help your loved one needs to manage personal care responsibilities, medication delivery, and general physical, mental, and psycho-social concerns. A home health aide or an assisted living environment is often used to solve these issues.
  • Anticipated changes to make in living arrangements to establish the continued safety and health of your elderly loved one. In some cases, the changes are in-home modifications to make their living environment easier and safer to age in place. In other cases, they may be required to move out to a smaller housing unit or another living arrangement (live with family, assisted living, or nursing home).
  • Establishing the connections between support services, healthcare providers, and your loved one to make sure they can obtain the necessary care and monitoring.
  • A plan for continued monitoring and reassessment. Families should make sure they regularly check in with assessments on their loved ones. If your elderly family member doesn’t live close to you, regular reassessments can give you the comfort they are being taken care of. Reassessments should be scheduled to confront any changes in the senior’s physical, mental, or psycho-social needs. It is crucial to address the need for immediate modification in case of an emergency or drastic change in their health.
  • Any other solutions to include for current and potential problems. Create a step-by-step response plan for each situation they could face and document it in the care plan. Make sure everyone involved (caregivers, family members) are aware of the response plans in cases of emergency.

Creating a care plan is a great first step to taking care of your loved one. Establishing a written plan helps you prioritize their needs and improve their overall quality of life. 1+1 Cares provides additional tips for making an elder care plan.

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