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Companion Care Services for Seniors

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November 29, 2022

Older adults may only think to receive senior care when they’re sick or ill. However, a perfectly healthy senior could still benefit from Companion Care Services for Seniors. Other factors such as social isolation can affect the physical and mental well-being of the elderly. Companion Care services offer seniors a caretaker to assist them in their day-to-day lives and make them feel less alone aging in their homes.

What is Companion Care Services?

Companion Care focuses on providing emotional support and companionship for aging adults who are healthy and want to live independently at home. However, companion caregivers can also assist with routine activities that can be difficult for seniors to do on their own such as grocery shopping, preparing meals and housekeeping. The goal of companion care is to:

  • Offer emotional support
  • Improve a senior’s quality of life
  • Offer companionship for a senior
  • Companion care focuses on both social and physical aspects of care to make life easier and safer for the elderly at home.

How Companion Caregivers can help:

Having a companion caregiver includes the following activities:

Conversation & companionship:

Research shows that seniors who engage in regular social interaction enjoy a higher quality of life in comparison to their counterparts. The mental stimulation from social conversations also lowers the risk of depression and cognitive decline. For someone living alone, feeling like they have someone to talk to can go a long way in improving their well-being. Companion caregivers often keep their clients company and offer an opportunity for socially stimulating activities such as playing games and going on walks.

Nutrition & Meal prep:

As we get older, our energy declines. This can make it difficult for older adults to maintain the nutrition they need, especially when living alone. Luckily, companion caregivers can assist them in keeping a healthy, balanced diet whether it be by getting groceries, prepping meals, or helping them avoid eating alone. Eating right contributes to overall well-being and can decrease the chance of common health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.


It is common for aging adults to no longer be able to drive. However, this can make seniors living alone feel even more isolated. Companion care offers transportation services, so your loved one doesn’t have to feel trapped in their house. Transportation services include a ride to and from social outings, appointments, emergencies, etc.

Laundry & light housekeeping:

Seniors often may not have the energy levels or the mobility to maintain duties around the house. This can cause problems to arise such as no clean clothes or dishes, mold, tripping hazards, etc. Companion caregivers offer that extra support, so your loved one’s home is safe and comfortable to live in as they age in place. Their assistance in light housekeeping usually includes vacuuming, dusting, cleaning bathrooms, cleaning kitchens, sweeping, mopping, cleaning windows, organizing closets, etc.

Grocery shopping & errands:

Even if it is difficult for your loved one to leave their home, it doesn’t mean they don’t have errands to run. Companion care services help take care of errands such as picking up medications and grocery shopping to make life easy and safe for aging clients.

Medication Reminders:

It can be overwhelming for seniors to remember to take all their medications especially if they’re experiencing cognitive decline and are forgetful. Companion caregivers can ensure clients are taking all their prescribed medications by giving reminders. They can open the containers, read care plans and medication labels, and remind them when it is time for the next dose.

Assess your elderly family member’s situation and discuss if they would benefit from companion care. 1+1 Cares provides more information on what to expect from in-home care and how to hire a caregiver.

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