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24/7 Private Homecare for Seniors in Windsor, CA

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Providing 24/7 Home Care for Seniors can be tiring and stressful especially when you try to do it all by yourself. 1+1 Cares is here to help you ease up the load and make sure that your loved ones receive professional care. 

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24/7 Home Care for Seniors

We pride ourselves on vetting caregivers and carefully matching them to clients. The referred caregivers by 1+1 Cares are quality vetted, experienced, and compassionate so you can have peace of mind knowing your loved ones are in good hands.

Long-Term and Short-Term Care Help with:

Living a decent and independent retirement life is the goal for most seniors in Windsor. Hiring a caregiver for in-home care enables clients to receive help for all non-medical matters that he/she may need. Some of these tasks include:

  • Light housekeeping
  • ​Taking medication
  • Grocery shopping
  • Companionship
  • ​Transportation
  • Dressing
  • Cooking
  • ​Laundry
  • Bathing
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Why Choose 24/7 Home Care Assistance for Senior?

In-home caregivers help clients and their families in so many ways. Having a caregiver means family gets peace of mind knowing that a loved one is cared for by compassionate professionals at the very comfort of their homes. Moreover, in-home care is obviously more cost-effective as compared to prolonged hospital stays. And lastly, studies show that seniors recuperate better and remain happier if they stay in a familiar environment - home.

Windsor is such a family-oriented town in the heart of Sonoma. Seniors would definitely love to stay close for the longest time and enjoy things like attending events in pedestrian-friendly Town Green, or and even visiting the charming Old Downtown for shopping and dining opportunities. Give the gift of joyful retirement to your senior by hiring an in-home caregiver today.

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  • 1 Plus 1 was the third place I tried when I was looking for care-givers at home for my very sick husband. And 1 Plus 1 was by far the best of the three: the most effective, the most professional and the most compassionate. I could rely on 1 Plus 1 the way we rely on good friends.

    Minna S.

  • Our care coordinator is always helpful, polite, caring and tries her best.

    M Kung

  • We have found a wonderful care-giver for my mom who suffered a stroke. She is caring, cheerful and loves our mom. The communication with 1+1 has been great regarding our case manager and the billing department. We would recommend this agency.

    Susan and Sally

  • We have had numerous caregivers in our home and 1 plus 1 sent us the best one we have had thus far. They really do their best to match the caregiver to your needs.

    Kathy T.

  • 1 Plus 1 Senior Care came highly recommended. I really appreciate their services and communication. Sam is a great caregiver and we're so pleased to have him.

    Neal M.

  • 1 Plus 1 Senior Care is as good as it gets. We couldn't have asked for a more timely and responsive Senior Care team to take care of my father while my mother was in the hospital.

    Kurtis K.

1+1 Cares by serving as a family’s caregiving concierge.  1+1 Cares is a unique platform that synergizes premium service, qualified caregivers, and affordable rates.  By empowering families to make the right decisions, 1+1 Cares makes in-home care affordable and accessible.  1+1 Cares about you.

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