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6 Tips to Living Healthy Life in Your Eighties

Your 1+1 Team
August 19, 2021

Jack Nicholson, Betty White, and Dick Van Dyke are some of many celebrities that have shown life can be fabulous once we are over the age of 80. According to Bayer, turning 80 should not feel any different than turning 60, since the life expectancy rate has increased in the past century. With the eighties being considered the new sixties, your loved one needs to maintain a healthy quality of life to enjoy these additional years. But as your loved one ages, they’ll also face a greater chance of suffering chronic illnesses and losing motor skills. According to the Consumer Reports National Research Center, 33 percent of people aged over 80 have difficulty walking and over 25 percent have a tough time just getting out of chairs. Those over eighty have a higher chance of facing obstacles around their health and independence; however, the following tips can help your elderly family member maintain their ideal lifestyle as they continue to age.

1. Stay active

Because over 25% of those over eighty have difficulty walking and getting out of chairs, Consumer Reports stresses your loved one must stay active so they can help keep their body strong and they don’t have to lose their abilities. Movement keeps their body as well as their brain healthy and active. It gives them the energy that will help them continue to do their day-to-day activities. Staying active as well can help prevent health issues by strengthening their muscles, bones, and other parts of your body. This does not mean your elderly family member has to take a high interval, intense workout five times a week. There are many simple ways they can stay active. Taking yoga classes or walks around your neighborhood are some examples of exercises that help your loved one move their body and stay healthy.

2. Eat right

Verywell Health states what you put in your body affects your health so your loved one needs to eat the right foods for healthy aging. Improvements in your health can be seen directly from starting to eat right.

The following are some foods your loved one needs to consider adding to their diet:

  • Antioxidants. These are substances that are found in many plants which will provide the material needed to repair and prevent damages in your body.
  • Food that strengthens your bones. One of the lasting effects of aging is loss of bone mass. Eating foods with calcium and vitamin D such as fish, eggs, dark leafy greens, and fortified cereals can help keep your bones strong.

3. Keep a good sleep schedule

Getting the right amount of sleep at the appropriate time can help you feel younger. Regardless of age, you should get seven to nine hours of sleep every night. Maintaining a good sleep schedule allows your loved one to be well-rested and energized for the day. Certain bad habits, no matter how enjoyable, such as taking naps and watching tv in bed, can interfere with your elderly family member’s sleep schedule. Who doesn’t want to binge watch The Crown before going to sleep? However, in the long run, it’s worth it to put your loved one’s sleeping habits first for their health.

4. Be 100% adherent

Being adherent, in this case, means following doctor’s orders. A common issue is people tend to stop taking medications without consulting their doctors. We can’t stress this enough: Follow doctor’s orders!! According to CNBC, following doctor’s orders can save you nearly $90,000. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated 86% of the $2.7 million dollars spent annually on healthcare comes from individuals who have chronic and mental health conditions, so by keeping your loved one’s health in check and listening to doctor’s orders, you can avoid high medical bills. Make sure your elderly family member is on top of their medications and doctor visits, as well as are taking the recommended health screenings provided by their doctor. From high blood pressure to cancer, early health screenings can help preserve health and independence, not to mention save your loved one’s life.

5. Work your brain

When your days become too predictable, your brain tunes out, however, curiosity and engagement can prevent that. Develop and try out new techniques and activities that will help keep your loved one’s brain working. Changing routine and engaging in the surrounding environment can go a long way into helping your loved one’s brain stay active. Memory loss is another issue that comes with aging, so exercising your brain and memory can help prevent that. Making changes in your elderly family member’s daily routine and developing techniques such as not making lists can help work your brain and maintain your memory.

6. Ask for help

As we age, having an extra hand can be useful. Taking on more than you can handle can negatively affect your mind, energy, and body, especially as you get older. Don’t let your loved one be afraid to ask for help — whether it be needing a hand to do heavy lifting or advice on how to do something online — because it goes a long way in helping them maintain a balanced, stress-free lifestyle. Your loved one shouldn’t have to do everything alone, especially when they need to make their health a priority. They should maintain relationships with friends and family so they can reach out for a helping hand.

Following these tips to adopting healthy habits can help your loved one live this new period of their life to the fullest. Who knows? Maybe your elderly family member will join 83- year old Anthony Hopkins as a fellow Oscar winner or have a cooking show like 85-year old Jacques Pepin. Your life is yours no matter what age, and 1+1 care is here to help your loved one enjoy it.

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