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6 Safety Tips For Older Adults To Stay Safe And Independent At Home

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October 11, 2021

Ways to Keep Older Adults at Home Safe and Independent

Watching your loved one grow old can bring feelings of worry and anxiety. You want to protect the older adults as their bodies and mind go through changes but your loved one may still want to hold on to their independence despite the need for extra assistance. Research shows that loss of independence can cause depression in older adults. However, you can still offer your loved one the extra support they need as they age while they maintain their life at home. You can protect your loved one’s mind, body, and quality of life by setting up plans to keep them active and engaged safely.

1. Home Safety Modification for Older Adults

Modifying your loved one’s home to meet their needs is the best way to ensure their independence. Whether it be through adding handlebars to widening doorways, home modifications help keep them safe as their cognitive and mobility skills get weaker. Click here for more tips on home safety modification.

2. Encourage Older Adults Staying Active

Exercising and moving your body is critical for good health. Walks around the neighborhood, yoga classes, and chair exercises are some minor ways your loved one can stay active so they keep their cognitive and physical abilities strong. Maintaining a healthy body will help protect them as weakness is prone with age.

3. Find a Weekly Activities

Keep your loved one engaged by getting them outside the house and finding a hobby they enjoy. Your loved one will recognize their independence and feel a sense of purpose by doing a weekly activity. Bingo nights, dance classes, and museum outings are some examples of ways your loved one can stay entertained and develop a hobby. They are also exercising their brain and staying active by using their cognitive and physical abilities in these particular settings.

4. Keep the Brain Busy

According to research, about 40% of people aged 65 or older have age-associated memory impairment. Memory loss can affect your loved one’s safety especially if they live on their own. Exercising their brain can help them keep their cognitive abilities intact. Your loved one can keep their brain active through participating in activities such as sudoku, board games, and puzzles. Even social situations such as family dinners can help your loved one stay engaged and keep their brain busy.

5. Encourage Choices Whenever Possible

As seniors get older and the changes they face are out of their control, they may feel scared and disempowered. Through offering them opportunities where they can make their own choices, no matter how small, can remind them they still have power over their own lives.

6. Make a Mobility Plan

Lack of mobility and transportation has a significant impact on your independence. If your loved one has lost their driver’s license, the next step is to find out ways they can get around safely so they can still be active and engaged in their day-to-day lives. Figuring out a plan for transportation whether it be carpooling, walking, or taking the bus will help your loved one maintain their independence. The CDC’s mobility plan can help you and your loved one plan how they will stay independent.

The best thing you can do for both you and your loved one as they get older is forming a plan. Do not just prepare safety modifications but also activities to keep their mind and body healthy. Your loved one can experience healthy aging and enjoy their quality of life while you give them the necessary support and assistance.

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