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10 Wellness Tips for Mental Health in Older Adults

Your 1+1 Team
September 21, 2022

When it comes to mental health, you may have repeatedly heard the same things. Eat a balanced diet! Stay active! Find a hobby! While all these things contribute to maintaining your well-being as a senior, it is not easy as it seems to get out of your comfort zone so you can be content and happy.

Here are 10 Wellness Tips for Mental Health as your loved one can start changing up their routine, so they can better their mental health as a senior:

1. Get plenty of rest:

You may constantly hear to avoid naps, however in moments of stress they can be a great way to calm your mind. Make sure to take a step back and take naps whenever necessary. Additionally, getting 7-8 hours of rest every night is essential to maintain a proper balance for your physical and mental health.

2. Go for a walk:

It is a given that exercise improves your mental and physical well-being. However, this does not mean you need to hit the gym and have a set workout routine. Simple ways of staying active such as going for a daily walk are just enough. Going for a walk can also be beneficial by giving you the chance to reflect and clear your mind. You can even pick a walking buddy to join you and catch up on life!

3. Eat something new:

You may not realize how what you eat, healthy or not, can affect your mood levels. Eating the same thing over and over again can make you feel like you’re in a rut. Cooking is a great way to eat healthily and enjoy yourself at the same time. We suggest your loved one takes out the apron and attempts some new recipes they have been craving lately! Cooking and hosting dinners are also great ways to spend time with friends and family.

4. Exercise your mind:

Not only should you exercise your body to maintain your mental health, but you should also exercise your mind. Staying intellectually sharp gives you the confidence and motivation to be happy. Your loved one can keep their brain active through learning new skills, reading, or doing some fun puzzles.

5. Spend time with others:

According to Forbes, socially isolated seniors have a 59% higher risk of mental and physical decline than those who do not experience social isolation. It can be difficult for older adults to escape social isolation if they face mobility issues or are unable to drive. Make sure to accommodate your loved one, whether it’s through transportation assistance or connection via technology, so they can have necessary social interaction with friends and family to avoid loneliness.

6. Indulge yourself:

Treating yourself can feel like hugging yourself. Learn to prioritize yourself and find ways to make yourself feel good whether it’s through taking a bubble bath or buying yourself a small gift.

7. Stay in:

While we encourage you to avoid being cooped in the home, there’s no problem with choosing to stay in! Don’t feel forced to do everything asked of you, it’s okay to say no. Spending time with yourself can be the best way to de-stress and recharge. Watch a movie, cook yourself dinner, and enjoy your company!

8. Make the most of leisure time:

Your loved one may be in retirement and wondering what now? This is the perfect time to do everything they always wanted to do but never had time for. They should take advantage of this free time and fill it with activities they enjoy. Going to museums, painting, and taking hikes are just a few examples of fun ways to spend your time.

9. Get involved:

Volunteering can bring the sense of community and life purpose seniors need to maintain their well-being. Being productive and spending time doing good for others with other like-minded folks can bring a sense of fulfillment to your loved one. There are many volunteering programs and organizations catered toward older adults. AgingInPlace provides ways for seniors to volunteer.

10. Take things one at a time:

It can be easy to get overwhelmed with the long list of things to do during your golden years. Take a step back and clear your head by making a list of everything you want to accomplish. Checking off one task at a time can lead to a greater sense of achievement and motivate you to do more!

Your loved one’s golden years are the perfect time for them to prioritize themselves and enjoy life. You can read more 1+1 Cares mental health tips here.

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