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10 Common Misconceptions About In-Home Care

Your 1+1 Team
March 18, 2022

What comes to your mind when you think of senior care? You may be thinking of a nurse tending to an ill elderly person in bed. While that is a common type of in-home care, it is not the only thing the service entails. It is common for people to ignore in-home care as an option for their loved one because of these types of misconceptions. 1+1 Cares is here to address these misbeliefs so you can see if in-home care is the right choice for your aging family member.

1. Home care is only for the sick

While in-home care is offered to those who need medical assistance after a hospital discharge, they are not the only people who qualify! It’s common for clients to use in-home care and be perfectly healthy. Aging adults, who aren’t ill, usually use in-home care services because they need assistance with daily tasks they can no longer do on their own.

2. Receiving care from your home is the more expensive option

People look away from in-home care because of the suspected costs, however, it actually can be the most affordable option of care service. According to Genworth, the monthly in-home care costs for 2021 ranged from $4,957- $5,148, compared to $7,908-$9,304 of nursing home facilities.

3. Home care is only for seniors

While home-care largely makes up seniors, it is also available for younger adults who have restraints in their mental or physical health. In-home care can be assistance to someone at any age whether they commonly need assistance after an injury or are facing other conditions.

4. Caregivers are untrustworthy

It can be a daunting thought to let a stranger in your home take care of your loved one. However, the process of hiring a caregiver prevents you from picking some stranger. Intensive background checks and interviews will help you build trust with the caregiver of your choice.

5. Your loved one will lose their independence

Seniors typically can refuse to receive care because they are worried they’re giving their independence away. In-home care can be found to do the exact opposite! Your loved one receiving the necessary assistance they need to complete their day-to-day activities allows them to still have a sense of control and maintain their well-being.

6. A Caregiver will replace the role of family & friends

While it is likely for a caregiver to get close to their client, they are only meant to lighten the load for the family and friends of your loved one, not replace them.

7. You can’t afford home care if you don’t have insurance coverage

Lots of insurance companies tend to cover in-home care, however, there are other ways to pay for a caregiver. You can pay out of pocket and take out a loan, or even qualify for government coverage with programs such as Medicare.

8.“I don’t need a caregiver, my friends and family help me”

Taking care of your loved one while balancing other responsibilities may not be the best option for you. Your family member shouldn’t solely rely on their friends and family if it has not been the ideal situation. The pressure can lead to caregiver burnout and guilt.

9. In-home care doesn’t address long-term needs

Receiving in-home care does not have to be temporary! There is a long-term care option for those who want to receive care within their home for a longer period.

10. Once you pick a caregiver, you’re stuck with them

This is one of the most common misconceptions. It is okay if the caregiver you picked doesn’t work out! To fulfill the purpose of in-home care, your loved one should be with the right caregiver for them. You can keep switching until they are comfortable with their caregiver. However, allowing them to meet the caregiver beforehand can help prevent this from happening.

Surprised? In-home care addresses a variety of concerns that most likely fit with your loved one’s situation. If you have more questions about in-home care, 1+1 Cares is here to help!

1+1 Cares is a referral agency that works for clients and caregivers. We match caregivers with clients and inform them of your requirements. We work for you so you and your loved one can have a safe, enjoyable caregiving experience.

1+1 Cares by serving as a family’s caregiving concierge.  1+1 Cares is a unique platform that synergizes premium service, qualified caregivers, and affordable rates.  By empowering families to make the right decisions, 1+1 Cares makes in-home care affordable and accessible.  1+1 Cares about you.


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