Ways to Prevent Falls in Older Adults

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May 15, 2022

While stumbling over your carpet may seem like not a big deal, tripping and falling injuries are an epidemic for aging adults. Falls are the number one cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries among older Americans. The National Council of Aging states every 11 seconds an elderly adult goes to the emergency room to treat an injury due to a fall. Seniors are more prone to experience falls because of the weakening of their bones and mobility as they age. You can help your loved ones avoid this widespread problem by helping them maintain their health and removing hazards around their home.

Maintain health to Prevent Falls

The effects of aging can result in the weakening of both your mental and physical capabilities, which can cause you to have a higher risk of falling and experiencing injuries. So, maintaining your health as you age can help keep your body strong and avoid the dangers of falling.

You can help your loved one watch their health in the following ways

  • Have your vision and hearing checked regularly: Blurred vision and impaired hearing can raise your chances of falling.
  • Work on strength and resistance training: Staying active and exercising to build muscle strength can help you avoid falls. Consider lifting weights, doing pilates, or exercises such as push-ups that build muscle. Strengthening your quads is also a way to lower your chance of falling. You can do this by leaning against the wall and doing repetitions of you sliding down into a squat position and standing up.
  • Improve your balance: Doing yoga or martial arts training such as tai chi can improve your balance.
  • Talk with your doctor: Seek medical advice from your loved one’s doctor or pharmacist about the side effects of their medications that could increase fall risk.
  • Get enough sleep: Sleep deprivation increases the chance of falling. Getting enough sleep will help you have decent alertness and performance.
  • Eat food for healthy bones: Eating the right foods with plenty of vitamin D and calcium can help you maintain healthy bones. Healthy bones are crucial to helping prevent even worse consequences from falls. Drinking plenty of fluids as well is essential because it can prevent dehydration which causes dizziness and weakness.

Safety Protocols to Prevent Falls in Older Adults

6 out of 10 falls occur at home, according to the National Institute of Aging. Your loved one can feel safer at home by removing tripping hazards that could cause them to fall and by using senior care products. They can also modify their home to be more fall resistant such as implementing grab bars/railings, using slip-resistant mats rather than throw rugs, etc. Lastly, they should wear the right shoes that won’t cause them to slip. There are many types of footwear available for sale that are slip-resistant.

While falls aren’t inevitable, they are a raise of concern for older adults. If your loved one maintains their health and takes the right safety protocols, they can avoid experiencing the leading cause of injuries among seniors.

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