Senior Caregiver Agency in Palo Alto, CA

If you are looking for a senior caregiver referral agency in Palo Alto, CA, look no further than 1+1 Cares. We will help you assess your in-home senior care needs and match you with the best available caregiver who meets your necessary qualifications. We pre-screen every caregiver we refer, so you can be confident you’re getting someone you can count on to care for your senior loved ones.
We can also pair you with caregivers for 24 hour home care in Palo Alto. Because of the ongoing time commitment, you can choose to have one caregiver who can do a live-in shift or you can split the shift among two or more caregivers. Splitting up the day and night allows caregivers to be wide awake and ready to help at a moment’s notice.
Senior Caregiver Services
Caregivers referred by 1+1 Cares do not provide medical services, but they are skilled at assisting seniors with various other daily tasks. In addition to providing companionship, caregivers can perform any combination of the following tasks, as well as others if needed.
  • Assistance with transferring (getting up and down)
  • Help with grocery shopping, cooking, and eating
  • Medication reminders
  • Help with dressing, bathing, and grooming
  • Provide transportation to appointments
  • Do light housework
  • Complete errands
Benefits of Senior Home Care in Palo Alto
When the responsibility of caring for our aging loved ones falls to the family, it is easy to become overwhelmed and burned out. Having a reliable caregiver to aid in meeting the needs of the senior in the family will take a tremendous amount of pressure off of everyone else. This means more time to have fun as a family and less time feeling stressed out.
Senior home care in Palo Alto is great for seniors too! They’ll be able to enjoy many of the activities they are used to with the help of their companion. They can walk the trails of the Bayland Nature Preserve, or hit the farmer’s market or Palo Alto Art Center.
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