Caregiver Agency in Los Gatos, CA

Senior family members deserve the absolute best care available when they are no longer able to do everything they used to. After all, they have been the caregivers of their own family for many years. Thankfully, 1+1 Cares, a caregiver referral agency in Los Gatos, CA, is here to help you find the right person to care for your loved ones.
Senior Home Care Services
Caregivers referred by 1+1 Cares do not provide medical services. However, the caregivers are highly experienced and can assist your senior family members with numerous daily tasks and activities. You let us know your needs and we’ll help you find a caregiver who is reliable and qualified to provide the services you are looking for. Senior home care in Los Gatos can include the following services, as well as others upon request:
  • Medication reminders
  • Dressing, bathing, and grooming
  • Grocery shopping and meal prep
  • Transportation to and from home
  • Errands and outings
  • Light housework
Benefits of Senior Care
Caregivers are available for 24 hour home care in Los Gatos for those that need it. This commonly involves more than one caregiver to allow for breaks and ensure that those providing care at night are awake and alert. However, you can stick with just one caregiver if you choose and the situation warrants.
The biggest benefit of hiring a caregiver to assist your senior loved ones is that the full burden won’t fall squarely on your shoulders. In many cases, an adult family member ends up sacrificing many long hours to meet the needs of their parent(s), only to become fatigued and overwhelmed. 1+1 Cares is there to help eliminate much of the stress associated with at-home caregivers.
Seniors also love having a personal caregiver because it allows them to continue participating in many of the activities that are important to them without inconveniencing anyone. In Los Gatos, this might include going to Vasona Park and Oak Meadow Park, visiting old railroad monuments, or walking the Los Gatos Creek Trail.
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