Caregiver Referral Agency in Los Altos, CA

For many seniors, the option to stay at home as they get older is a luxury they often can’t afford. For others, the logistics of coordinating at-home care can be overwhelming. 1+1 Cares strives to help families find the best senior care caregivers for a price that fits within their budget. Plus, as a caregiver referral agency serving Los Altos, CA, 1+1 Cares will pre-qualify the caregivers we refer to you, as well as match you with the ones we believe are most suited to your family’s individual needs.
Senior Caregiver Services
Senior caregivers that are referred by 1+1 Cares do not provide medical services, but they are able to assist with numerous other activities, including medication reminders for seniors to take their medication on their own. The exact services provided will be determined by the caregiver and the family requiring care to ensure your unique needs are being met. Some examples of senior caregiver services are listed below.
  • Assistance with daily activities, such as dressing, bathing, and grooming
  • Assistance with transferring, getting up/down, walking, and positioning
  • Assistance with feeding, cooking, and grocery shopping
  • Companionship on errands and outings
  • Transportation to appointments
  • Light housework
Benefits of Senior Home Care in Los Altos, CA
1+1 Cares can also help coordinate 24 hour home care in Los Altos. This can be done using one caregiver around the clock, with scheduled breaks and time to sleep, or with two or more caregivers who break up the day with shifts, allowing for someone to be awake with your family member at all times.
In addition to receiving great senior care, your family will enjoy many benefits. Adult children will be able to retain full-time jobs and regular schedules without sacrificing all their time to care for aging loved ones. This also relieves a great deal of stress, which can lead to family burnout when one family member takes on too much.
Seniors will love that they are able to maintain a degree of independence and control over their daily activities. They won’t need to give up their favorite activities or live away from family members. Caregivers can even accompany seniors as they fish for steelhead trout or go birdwatching at Adobe Creek or take a nature walk through Redwood Grove.
Get Care
Contact 1+1 Cares to find out how you can get care for your senior in Los Altos, CA. We can’t wait to match you with an affordable, quality caregiver for your loved ones!
Give Care
Do you have the skills to become a senior caregiver? Are you interested in earning an income for helping families? Learn more about 1+1 Cares and how you can give care today! about our services.