Quality, Affordable Care at Home in Livermore, CA

Older adults in Livermore are living a longer and more robust lifestyle. Hence, staying independent as they age is very important to them. Most older adults plan to age in place for the rest of their lives, however, they have concerns about their safety, social isolation and memory challenges. 1+1 Cares is here to give them peace of mind, knowing that they will receive professional care at all times.
Senior Home Care Services
A walk to the park, sharing wonderful stories, and having sumptuous home-cooked meals are some of the things that older adults imagine. Most of them are unable to carry out such simple activities in life due to their mental and/or physical situation.
Here at 1+1 Cares, we aim to make quality care accessible to our seniors. Partnering with us means not just having someone to look after their basic needs, but also to take care of all the other non-medical tasks you can think of.
Benefits of Senior Home Care in Livermore
Team up with 1+1 Cares’ awesome group of people. We work tirelessly to give you the peace of mind by finding the perfect match to meet the client’s individual needs and interests. Aside from the in-home non medical tasks, caregivers can be their companion in going to various vineyards and regional parks in Livermore or even for a shopping day in San Francisco premium outlets. In this way, clients remain to live independently and joyfully in Livermore.
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Call or message us today. Together we can give our seniors the warmest care at the comfort of their own home.
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Do you take pride in providing quality and compassionate care for your clients? If yes, be our partner in sharing this great season with our aging clients.