Senior Caregiver Referral Agency in Atherton, CA

There may come a time when the senior members of your family require additional assistance with daily living activities. There are many facilities available for this purpose, but what if you had the option to keep them at home, surrounded by those they love? 1+1 Cares can help you make this happen by connecting you with qualified and experienced caregivers who provide senior home care in Atherton, CA.
1+1 Cares is a caregiver referral serving Atherton, California, that finds and interviews potential caregivers for you to make sure they meet the highest standards. Next, we meet and discuss your unique needs and refer caregivers that are a good match for your family.
Senior Caregiver Services
24 hour home care in Atherton can include numerous activities that your senior family members are used to taking care of themselves. The caregivers referred by 1+1 Cares do not provide medical services, but can remind seniors when it is time to take medicine. Some examples of activities most commonly included in senior care are listed below.
  • Running errands, grocery shopping, & driving to appointments
  • Cooking/Preparing meals & eating
  • Bathing & Dressing
  • Light cleaning
  • Grooming
Benefits of Senior Home Care in Atherton
Hiring an experienced caregiver to provide 24 hour home care can benefit both the senior and the rest of the family. Caring for an aging loved one can require sacrificing many long hours and take a physical and emotional toll on those responsible. When you get assistance from a caregiver, you are able to retain much of your previous schedule, as well as more fully enjoy family time together, without the added stress.
Senior family members also appreciate the added assistance from someone outside the family because, although they are aware they can longer do everything they used to, they generally wish to maintain some independence. With a caregiver, they can still be responsible for a lot of their daily activities and won’t feel like they are inconveniencing anyone.
Caregivers can also help seniors to get out and have fun doing their favorite activities. They can still participate in community activities like the Arts Committee or Civic Interest League, or explore the local parks.
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Get care for your senior loved ones with referrals from 1+1 Cares. Rest easy knowing your family is getting the best care available from a prescreened and reliable caregiver with all the right experience.
Give Care
Are you interested in providing senior home care in Atherton? Find out if you meet the qualifications for a referral from 1+1 Cares and get started today!